Preamp with Remote ?

I like the sound of the First Sound Presence Deluxe II but would certainly like a remote also - anyone heard a Preamp with remote that sounds AS GOOD as the Presence ?? Sorry but no the BAT VK30se does not sound as good......others?? Under $6000.
What about the Rogue 99??? Comes with Remote and is supposed to be a giant killer... I like my 66 very much - warms up my system nicely...
ARC Ref 2 (if you can find one used for $6k or less). Has remote AND processor bypass...
VAC Standard Preamplifier LE. W/O Phono stage your looking at $4000.00 new, their is one used on the audiogon site now.
Consider Placette either active or passive, though I would suspect you might be inclined to the active ($4.0K). True, not much sex appeal; however, the sound is to be heard-30 day trial availaable.
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 is excellent sounding, neutral, and has a great remote. Good Hunting. Craig.
Joule Electra LA 100 MkIII, remote and great sound. I'm a dealer for Joule, if you need more information on it please feel free to contact me.

Steve Lyde
The Music Shop
the cary slp98 bested the rogue 99 *magnum* version in my system, in all areas, imo. there's one on a-gon rite now, the guy's asking $1600. cary can add remote for $500. dunno how it wood stack up to the 1st-sound, tho - i've heard a lot of good tings about that unit. i tink the melos ma-333/music-director wood be up to the task, tho - it's what i'm using now, & it's in another league altogether than the cary or the rogue...
Sedond, i'm in the process of buying the melos 333 right now. The seller does'nt have a remote,did they make one for this unit?
The current crop of Conrad Johnson Premier and Art Tube preamps and the PFR Solid State Preamp all have remotes.
I agree with Craig. The Sonic Frontiers Line 3 is a superb piece. It is versatile, extremely well designed and doesn't get in the way of the music. Add NOS Amperex tubes and prepare to fall in love. I can't imagine anyone not being happy with it.
streetman, my melos has a remote - dunno if it can be updated. call melos audio restorations in las vegas, nv. tell brant i sent ya
Though rarely seen on the used market, the WAVAC tube pre-amp with remote is very good! Goodluck.
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 is definetly worth an audition as is the 2. I have had the 1,2&3 in my system & enjoyed all of them. Compared to the 2 the 3 gives more bass & a slightly wider & deeper soundstage. I have the 3 now but the 2 is worthy of consideration.
The Aloia 11.01 inductive is an outstanding preamp at any price at 4000.00 it's a steal.Check this months Ultimate Audio review.
Right on audionut.Went from CAT ultimate to Aloia. Great sounding preamp at a steal of a price