preamp with processor loop...

looking at obtaining a preamp with this this for a an pre/pro processor? if does this work?
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Search the forums under HT/Bypass and this will give you a few options that will work.

If looking for particular gear that has this option, Audio Research has one and also the Belles 21a. I am sure that there are others, but those were the two that I was looking at and happen to find a Belles 21a at a good price.
processor loop = tape loop. Lots have them, some don/t. VAC does.
When you search forums as Riley suggested you will find that if you are wanting to integrate with a HT system you dont need to have Processor Loop or HT Bypass....the solution without this feature is described in length but it can open up lots of options and maybe save money.
My McIntosh C200 has both a "listen" processor loop and a "record" processor loop, as well as the traditional tape loop. All very useful.