Preamp with phono with 50-60 gain

Which preamps with phono or phono preamps have a wide range of selectable gain? 50-60+
Klyne Preamp, Aesthetix Rhea, Pass Xono , there are more out there ...
The SA5000 can drive any cartridge which incuded low output MCs I had trouble with on some other preamps
Very sweet sounding
Try the Tron Syren ( This is a top class valve preamp with built in MC phono and adjustable transformers (selectable gain on transformers up to 1:32 ratio, not dB, ie will accomodate carts with ultra low output ie 0.1 mV). The preamp is absolutely silent in use (no noise even on full volume phono through avantgarde Duos) and sounds excellent - Ed Barker's find of the year on 6Moons. Graham Tricker (manufacturer of tron at GT Audio in the UK) will ship you one to the US and give your money back if you don't like it. I have bought his demo Tron Meteor preamp (predecessor of the new Syren, but with similar circuits) - very pleased.
check out the new belcanto pre2p,it has an outstanding phono stage.also can set gain,loading,impedence via,remote control.comes with a learning remote. it is the quietist phono stage out there.4495.00 with out adought truly state of the art.