Preamp with phono stage for under $1000

Looking for a preamp with a phono stage for under $1000 and was curious what everbody thought. Would like one with an IEC jack to try different power cords with. Was considering the Emotiva USP-1 and NAD C-165 BEE just to name a couple.
Thanks. Bob
Hi, If you can find one a Music Reference RM-5 Mk4. It is a hybrid that uses 3 6922's. It has a nice phono that you can even switch out with an on/off switch, and yes has the IEC jack, and can be bought in your price range. Did I mention it is one great preamp.
I think the McCorack ADL w phono is gret-about $750 used. For tubes, try Conrad Johnson CV-5
Try a Audio Research Sp 9..perhaps even Mark II in your budget. I had one and it was very, very nice. At the outer limits of your budget the Audible Illusion Modulus 3 with the gold phono card it the all time classic and IMHO the one to beat in this price range. (They typically go for @1200...worth the extra $$ if you ask me.)
I second the ARC SP9MKII or you might be able to find a SP14 for around $1K or so. Both are excellent.
I thought about an ARC SP9, SP14 and even earlier C-J preamps . Should have mentioned though that besides an IEC I was looking for something that had remote volume.
There's a Conrad-Johnson PV11 on sale for about $650 right now, don't know the owner but it is one of the few components I am sorry I traded away. Check out the archives for just how good people think this is. The phono section is also good.
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Rogue Audio Metis..............I have the Cronus, which is the integrated amp. It makes absolutly beautiful music within my system, and I think it's a wonderful amplifier. From what I've learned, the Metis is a terrific pre-amp, which has the same great MM phono amp as the Cronus. It has received some incredibly favorable reviews ( a lot of them are on-line), and it's a superb value. Check it out. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !!
"At the outer limits of your budget the Audible Illusion Modulus 3 with the gold phono card it the all time classic and IMHO the one to beat in this price range. (They typically go for @1200...worth the extra $$ if you ask me.)"

Agree...and with the standard MM phono stage you sacrifice very little in comparison, for typically ~$950 or so.
Adam18 - I noticed the Rogue Audio Metis was The Absolute Sound's least expensive preamp pick in the most recent issue. Looks like a nice unit.
I have always liked MFA equipment and currently still have a few pieces. There is a Magus preamp here for $900. MFA preamps are generally known for their excellent phono stages.
I prefer it to the AI at the same price.
My $0.02
How about the Jolida Music Envoy? Can usually be had for around $800.


You can't have it back...

Armstrod - I like the Jolida Envoy about the best of all the preamps brought up so far. Just saw a used one a few weeks ago down at a store in Indianapolis where I had purchased some used Dynaudio speakers. Should have gotten it; probably gone by now. Thanks.
Hey Bob......You're right. The Metis is very highly regarded, and has been given great reviews (do a Google search). And, Mark and Nick at Rogue Audio are a pleasure to deal with.
So nobody likes the NAD C-165 BEE? It is in the price range and has all the features I'm looking for like IEC plug and remote volume. Also can just leave it on and don't have to mess with tubes.
Well I've settled on a Musical Fidelity preamp. It's within the price range and has an IEC plug, phono stage and remote volume.
Congratulations, Bob..........I hope that your new pre-amp gives you many fine hours of enjoying your favorite recordings. Now that you've made your decision, try to forget about the equipment, and concentrate on the music. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes.
Thanks Adam18 and also thanks to everyone else who answered my post; very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to listening to the Musical Fidelity A308 preamp.
Audible Illusions Modulus 3 is one of the best. They can usually be had for well under 1K. There's also the 3A, but some listeners like the original 3 better, probably because the circuit is simpler. I had one for some time and the only reason I don't have one again is because I've gone to a Klyne. Klyne's are usually going to show up rarely and outside of your budget, although with patience, you may be able to score something like an older SK4 or 5. You'll be hard pressed to find a better pnono section than a Klyne.
Thanks Dogmecd - I had the Audible Illusions years ago; one channel (the one nearest the power supply) was always noisier than the other channel and I was never able to cure the problem even after changing out the tubes. Always thought the ARC preamps overall sounded better. Never tried the Klyne; that may be worth checking out. Thanks.