Preamp with phase invert and balanced out???

Trying to decide what route to go. I have not been in the hobby for awhile and sold my previous rig when I went to finish my Graduates. Out of all the components I had kept my modified bolder Squeezebox 2 which sounded fantastic in hopes to use it in the future. Although I am trying to sell it and am considering keeping it but in order to use it on the Quad 12L speakers I plan to get I need to correct the phase that is reversed due to the modifications. This was not a problem in my previous system because all I did was switch the speaker cables but that is not an option now. Here are the different routes I am considering.

Option 1:
Keep the SB2 and just get a preamp that have a phase inverter switch. I like this option because it would allow me to get a fairly well priced pre and I can save up move for a good dac.

Option 2:
Skip the pre and get a dac with a built in one. I find this one harder to find and they are just usually more expensive.

What route would you do? For those who think the preamps the way to go, are there any good one out there for under 400 that have balanced outputs and a phase inverter switch?
If you can't switch the speaker cables at the speaker (..a bit confused here in that you will apparently/possibly be hooking up your Quad 12L's) switch them at the amp connection, right?

I know, I'm probably completely missing something obvious - and sure it will be pointed out shortly.

Option 3 , have a set of balanced interconnects made that reverse pins 2 and 3 most likely the least expensive way to go

Good luck

With regard to the phase inverter, I would not fool with it unless you know, for sure that you can hear the difference. The reason I say this is that it took me years to actually hear the difference it makes, and then, only with some very high resolution equipment. Everyone says you will hear a difference in the bass. To my ear it sounded like a small timing issue. I think it is a small tweak, at best, and if it was my system I would focus on many other things first. I believe Truman's post above is correct. You should be able to just reverse polarity on both speaker cables. Also keep in mind that CD's come both ways. About 50% of discs are made phase correct and the other 50% inverted. If you didn't know this, you have already been doing a-b comparisons without even knowing it. That's why I say it is a small difference at best. As for the preamp; that is very important to get right. A lot of people over look it when, in fact, it usually makes or breaks the system. My personal preference is that if I can't afford a good preamp, I don't use one. I much prefer a passive unit or a cd player that has a digital volume control. There is a rough standard that a lot of people go by when dealing with preamps. $3000 retail cost is where active preamps start to outperform passive units. Normally, I don't like putting prices out there as a minimum guide but I have found it to be true in this case. Hope I was able to help.
I believe the Wyred 4 Sound preamps, DAC's, and Integrated amps all have the polarity/phase invert feature on the remote controls. I have the integrated STI-500 and also had the DAC-2 which had that feature.

Additionally, the Cambridge Audio DacMagic D/A converter has phase invert, as does the PS Audio GCPH phono preamp.

Happy Listening!
The Atma-Sphere MP-1 and MP-3 are both fully differential and balanced, and both have a phase inversion switch. They also have the ability to drive very long interconnects even though they are all-tube.
Sorry my fault didn't realize I forgot to mention I was going to purchase the Quad 12L active. That's why I needed the phase inverter because the single coming from the SB2 in inverted due to the mods.