Preamp with Nagra 300p amp

The obvious choice would be the Nagra preamp (classic or jazz) but was wondering if anyone has tried any other pairings of preamps with Nagra amps.

Would prefer a preamp with built-in phono for sure.
Nobody on this forum with Nagra amps matched with non-Nagra preamps?
Hi Essrand, I have a Nagra Jazz pre with the Nagra 300p.

When I get a chance and for the fun I will try other preamps from my collection:

- an older CJ Premier 17LS (tube)
- an Ayon S3 DAC (tube) which also has a pre section
- a Goldmund Mimesis 27.8 (solid state)

Let you know my impressions :)
Hi Joel,

Sorry just saw your post. Thanks for your response.
Would love to hear the results of your experiment, when you have had the chance to try.