Preamp with HT pass & Phono to match Pass x-250

Hi everyone. Looking for help in determining which preamp to put on a short list for my current setup. I have a Sunfire TGII pre/pro, Marantz SA-8260, Parasound 2250AT, and Pass X-250. This is a combination HT and stereo setup. I would very much like to get into vinyl (looking at either P3 or VPI Scout) so a good phono section is a must along with remote and HT pass through/ Unity gain. On my current short list I have the Rogue Magnum 99 w/Phono, Audio Research SP16, and Musical Fidelity A5cr. I am not dead set on tubes over solid state, but would like feedback from those of you with experience with these products or other recommendations especially combined with the Pass. Oh, by the way, I listen to a little of everything - Rock, Country, Blues & Jazz. Keb Mo and Anna Nalick are currently spending allot of time in my CD player. Thanks
Also forgot to mention my newest addition to my setup which are still breaking in, but I am using JMLabs 937be speakers. I should probably also add the VTL 2.5 and Cary SL98P to my short list as they both have the features I am looking for and are in the same price range $1500-$2500 new/used. Thanks.

I am not familiar with the Supratek line at all. Is there a particular model that fits the features and the price range that I am looking for? Also, have you heard the Supratek with the Pass amp? If not can you please expand upon your recommendation by comparing or contrasting it with any of the others? Thanks.
I was looking for a tubed preamp with HT passthru last year and tried both the VTL 2.5 and Cary 98 in my system (ss amp, cd and planars). Both are excellent preamps and are very detailed. But the VTL has a lusher and warmer sound than the Cary. Those are the only tubed units I've tried, however. Also, the phono stage is optional on the VTL.
I have a BAT VK-3i with an excellent onboard phono stage, remote and HT pass through (Unity Gain) that is the center of my two-channel audio rig. This has been a rock solid reliable and extremely satisfying piece of gear and has lived with me since 1997 (practically a lifetime in this hobby). Other gear is a BAT VK 200 amp, Maggie 1.6QRs, Wilson-Benesch TT with Clearaudio cart, Vandy 2Wq sub and Marantz CD/SACD. No slouch and available used for a song, or you can look at the new VK-3ix. In the case of the 3i, the remote and phono stages are both options, so be sure of what you're getting. I'll assume the same for the 3ix.