Preamp with HT bypass suggestions

I am heavily leaning towards the Juicymusic Peach to use with my B&K 200.2 for my Klipsch RF-7s because of the great reviews and the HT bypass function. I have also read great things about the Modwright SWL 9.0SE and the TAD-150, both of which would add a remote for volume. Has anyone heard all three? Or how either the TAD or the Modwright compare to the Peach?
belles 21a is a very nice preamp w/ HT bypass. you may want to audition it.
I've not heard the Peach, but I have heard the Modwright and the TAD in direct comparison with each other. Overall, I preferred the Modwright. The TAD was very good (very musical and more "tube-like"), but it lacked some of the inner detail that the Modwright was particularly strong with...