Preamp with external processor loop

I need a preamp with an external processor loop similar to the older Adcom GFA-555 and 555II series.  However those didn't have remote control.  I found Parasound P3 that has loop and remote,  but the only ones for sale are missing the remote.  Can anyone suggest other brands / models with similar? Thanks in advance...
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 Tape loop lets you set whatever you want as input, then there's a separate "Tape in/Tape out" switch.

Tape out is normal, Tape in lets you hear what the processor is doing.

You don’t need an HT bypass at all.  You can use any line-level input (let’s say Aux) and just level match that with your processor.  What I did was set my preamp’s volume knob to 12:00 in Aux and then matched the rest of the processor’s channels to match volume with that.  Then all you have to do is switch to Aux and put volume knob at 12:00 and you’re done.  HT bypass is a little more convenient, but not necessary.  This also opens up a TON more options for you for a preamp. 
The Rogue RP7 (I have one) has a processor loop, and the remote has a processor on/off.  I have a Schiit Loki in the loop I use sometimes, mostly with lower level later night listening for bass boost (like a loudness button!), or with subpar low bass recordings.  
Thanks soix and gakerty. Will be looking into both the options youve shared. 
I guess the HT bypass doesn't work in the situation where the external processor is a passive equalizer only (ie no preamp controls). 

High end audio discourages the use of tone controls and equalizers. But those of us who have extensive LP collections, some of the albums are very old and having some control over tone is acceptable and even sometimes necessary. I wish preamp makers would recognize that and give us more options.

I am able to rig this up using a preamp with ability to select source and playback separately using tape loop, but modern preamps even omit those.