Preamp with Dual Zone and Remote Independent Volume Control?

Hello y'all,
I am running simultaneously two pairs of very different full range large speakers (Magneplanar and vintage JBL) from the same source using the dual zone feature of my Denon receiver as a preamp.  I use two separate stereo power amplifiers, a NAD and a Yamaha, one for each set of speakers.  The Yamaha is driven from the Denon’s pre-out jacks and the NAD is driven from the Denon’s zone 2 outputs.
The Denon’s dual zone feature allows independent volume control of both sets of speakers from the same remote.  All this works and sounds actually much better than it sounds.... ;-)

I am looking to replace the Denon (which is used only as a preamp) by a proper preamp with similar dual zone control capability which again would allow to balance the two sets of speakers "on the fly" from a remote.
Is there a high quality (but not exotic) preamp, current or past model, which would do the trick?


Is there a high quality (but not exotic) preamp, current or past model, which would do the trick?
Two stereo preamp with an universal remote control?
Many multchannel home theater centric units will do this, and you can essentially pick your price point. 

What else are you trying to accomplish by replacing the Denon? Just better sound?
Imhiffan, thank you for your suggestion.  This approach would require Y splitters and double input selections which I prefer to avoid.
robr45, thank you for your suggestion as well.  Sound quality is the #1 consideration.  I am trying to chart a "succession path" for the Denon as it is the oldest component in the system (other than the JBL's), and also achieve a more optimal preamp solution (where the $$ and space are dedicated to preamp functionality).  I will certainly consider your home theater unit suggestion, although I would prefer a simpler audio-centric 2-zone preamp, if it exists...
If you do any music streaming, you may want to look into Bluesound products. Not a preamp per se but they have provisions for multi room playback and allow preamp-like features via their mobile app. If you could forego the independent volume control, many preamps have two outputs to connect to two separate amplifiers. Or, you could insert a passive preamp with a volume control between one of the outputs and the amplifier to control the volume separately. Schiit Sys ($49) is one cheap solution.