Preamp with digital and analog in/out ?

Is there a preamp that allows a digital source to feed into it and then send the signal in digital to a main amp while simultaneously sending an analog signal to a subwoofer? So far the only unit I have seen capable of doing this is the HDACC
by Essence. Are there any other options?
Thanks in advance.
Some of the models from DEQX can do that, and a great deal more.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
Yes, but what's the amp going to do with the digital signal? You'll only be using this preamp, as a preamp, for the sub. The digital signal will still need a dac/preamp before the amp can use it.
Tact 2.2X also know as 2.2XP. It has a programmable crossover as well and is far superior to built-in sub crossovers!
Al, Thank you, I will check out that unit. I think I recall it's pro audio stuff.

Zd542- I'm using Dynaudio Air20 active monitors which have fully digital amps in them. There is no digital to analog conversion until the signal reaches the transducers. The Air20s sound much better using it's digital input rather than it's analog inputs. I suspect this is partially due to the signal degradation in the DAC.

Thank you.
Look at an NAD M12. I'm pretty sure that's the type of preamp you are looking for.