Preamp with deep soundstage suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions for a preamp that throws a deep holographic soundstage. I am not as hung up on transparancy or neutrality as I am with lush, deep, imaging. Considering new or used but less than $2000. Associated equip; Graaf 50/50 power amp, Metronome CD-V1 CDP, Jamo Concert 11 speakers. Thanks, Frank
new sonic frontiers line-2's are adwertized on this site for less than $2k, line-3's for ~$2.8k if yer innerested... doug. ps - haven't heard it, but i, too, have heard good things about that pse hybrid...
I would reccomend an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 or 3A. Either one throws a huge soundstage. the 3A's are listed on the site for $1400-1700, the 3's for $700-800.
I owned the BAT VK-5i at one time and out of all the preamps I owned (several), it was the most 3-D with pinpoint imaging. Almost to the point of being distracting. I now own the Thor TA-1000 linestage. It has great depth and imaging and is 3-D, but it is very musical and not at all distracting. The Thor is by far the least mechanical sounding preamp I've ever owned. It's a bit expensive, but has all the attributes I was after. mike
In my above post, I specifically mentioned the SF Line 3 because it projects a much larger soundstage (in my system)than either the Line 1 or 2 which have wide but not deep soundstaging. I own/use both the Line 1 and 2, and auditioned the Line 3 for a week. Good Luck. Craig.
Sorry, Garfish. Wasn't trying to put words in your mouth. Did notice the suggested budget and a new Line 1 (at current prices) fit under the cap. It might be possible to get a used Line 2 even. What you say about the Line 3 is true,though, and if you one for under $2K tell me first!