Preamp with deep soundstage suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions for a preamp that throws a deep holographic soundstage. I am not as hung up on transparancy or neutrality as I am with lush, deep, imaging. Considering new or used but less than $2000. Associated equip; Graaf 50/50 power amp, Metronome CD-V1 CDP, Jamo Concert 11 speakers. Thanks, Frank
You may want to look at preamps by Blue Circle BC-3.1 and BC-3000. I have owned the BC-3.1 and it threw one heck of a soundstage.
For $2500 to 2800. (used), the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 was a soundstaging monster in my system-- in fact too much in my medium sized room, so I went back to the Line 2. I don't know if you can find what you want for sub $2000. Good Luck. Craig
I've had good results with both the Threshold T2 and the BAT 30SE. Good luck.
try to audition the pse-hybrid line 1. you rarely hear about it they don't advertise. it lists new for about $2300 saw one used for about $1600. you may be surprised. good luck.
here's my recent experience. i was using a linn kairn w/the latest slimline briliant power supply, & it was excellent in all areas, except depth. i'm using meret re monitors, biamped w/a pair of electrocompaniet amps; crossed-over at 60hz w/a marchand 24db/octave x-over, to a pair of vmps larger subs, driven by a pair of bridged adcom gfa-555's. it had dynamics, clarity, detail, soundstage height & width, timbral accuracy, but no depth. so, i went on a tube-preamp search. here's *my* opinions on three - good-better-best: good: rogue 99 w/magnum upgrades. might have done better, but i believe there was an impedence mismatch w/this in my system, which led to poor bass response - both texturally & dynamically. in fairness to the rogue, tho, if i dint have this bass problem, i would have stopped here & not continued the search. while i missed not having a tape monitor loop & a balance control, it is a very nice-sounding unit. better: the cary slp 98-l bettered the rogue in my system in all areas, but not by a huge margin. in the bass, tho, the cary got it right, where the rogue didn't, in my set-up. it *might* have ended here, but i found the opportunity to get a good deal on a melos music director, due to the companys' recent shakey history, so i took a gamble. well, this thing is absolutely fantastic! incredible dynamics, great soundstage, including depth, detail & transparency and accuracy as good as any top solid-state preamp, imho. but, yes, melos had some problems, & i have been affected. this unit dint have all the latest music director updates as the owner claimed, and the remote wasn't functioning properly, so i sent it to the *new* melos to have them completed. i can't really fault the previous owner, who i believe sold me what he thought was a music director in good faith. this unit *did* have about half the updates from a ma-333, so it seems the *old* melos took a little advantage when the previous owner sent it in for upgrading. the seller agreed to split the cost or take it back; i chose to keep it. i can't wait to get to back, when i do, the cary will be put up for sale... (shameless plug!) ;~) doug
Garfish almost let it out. The SF Line 1 is very similar to the Line 2 and can be had for well under $2,000.
new sonic frontiers line-2's are adwertized on this site for less than $2k, line-3's for ~$2.8k if yer innerested... doug. ps - haven't heard it, but i, too, have heard good things about that pse hybrid...
I would reccomend an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 or 3A. Either one throws a huge soundstage. the 3A's are listed on the site for $1400-1700, the 3's for $700-800.
I owned the BAT VK-5i at one time and out of all the preamps I owned (several), it was the most 3-D with pinpoint imaging. Almost to the point of being distracting. I now own the Thor TA-1000 linestage. It has great depth and imaging and is 3-D, but it is very musical and not at all distracting. The Thor is by far the least mechanical sounding preamp I've ever owned. It's a bit expensive, but has all the attributes I was after. mike
In my above post, I specifically mentioned the SF Line 3 because it projects a much larger soundstage (in my system)than either the Line 1 or 2 which have wide but not deep soundstaging. I own/use both the Line 1 and 2, and auditioned the Line 3 for a week. Good Luck. Craig.
Sorry, Garfish. Wasn't trying to put words in your mouth. Did notice the suggested budget and a new Line 1 (at current prices) fit under the cap. It might be possible to get a used Line 2 even. What you say about the Line 3 is true,though, and if you one for under $2K tell me first!
Danet1 Used I saw a Conrad Johnson PV-5 with new tubes and the added benefit of a phono stage. Price 575.00! Depth it has plenty of and also a great midrange. Another old classic that has as great depth and is ALSO
(Continued from last post hit the wrong button) quite transparent is the ARC SP-8 if you can find one used at a reasonable price (800.00 or less). Both these pre-amps will provide what you are looking for at a bargain. I am quite familiar with both of these pieces and can't recommend them highly enough based on your criteria and price point. I still use an SP-8 and really can't want for more than it offers without spending MUCHO more. Good luck!
The original Rowland Coherence II is a full featured (includes phono and tape facilities) preamp that offers the soundstage thing. It is not as detailed as some modern products. It has lush, creamy sound that is very appealing. The can be had on the used market for $1,250.
THANK YOU EVERYONE! What a great bunch of suggestions (kid in a candy store) I appreciate all of the responses, Frank.