Preamp with Active/Passive switch??

Hi, I know the Adcom GFP 750 has this very useful feature. Does anyone know of other preamps that have a switch for active/passive modes?
The older PS Audio 4 and 5 series has selectable active/passive mode. I believe that McCormack also made a model that has both. Maybe someone can confirm this. At any rate the PS Audio units sound very good for the money at $300-$400 on the used market. They also have an excellent phono stage that is adjustable for MM or MC cartridges.
Pass Labs Aleph L pre amp. It has a true passive mode 1/4 of volumn control and 3/4 of active mode w/ only 1 gain stage. It's about as good as Ref. Line pre amp with extra gain when you need it. No switch needed.
The Coda 04r has the same characteristics as the Pass Aleph described above.
The carver Lightstar from 96' does this also.