Preamp with a DNA-1, tube or SS?

I´m on the look-out for a new preamp, my poweramp is a McCormack DNA-1 dlx. Would it be better to go for a tube preamp? (like ARC, VTL) Speakers are Magnepan 3.6´s. I´d appreciate your help. Hasse
Read "preamp recommendation for a 3BST amp" posted in this section on same date.There are a handful of tube preamps that will nicely compliment your DNA-1 Dlx.Up the road,a revision A upgrade will take it all up another serious level.Also read passive preamps posted here on 5/31/00
Hi Hasse; If you like neutral, consider Sonic Frontiers Line 1 or 2-- they sound great with the DNA series amps. Cheers. Craig
Hi Hasse,I should have mentioned that I replaced my 3BST with a DNA-1 Dlx and all of the pre amps that I tried with the 3BST sounded fine with my DNA-1 Dlx .In order, from good to the best sounding in my system ,Bryston BP-25MC ,Anthem Pre1L , Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature ,and my current one, the latest version of an Audible Illusions M3A .BTW the A.I. M3A has had upgrades every year since the "A" version was released in 1996 .The Line 1(used $1200.-$1500.)should sound simular to the SFL-1 Sig.(used $700.-$800.) and if you need a remote and it fits your budget,the Line 1 isn't a bad way to go.There are other good possibilities and these are the pre amps(except the Line 1) that I owned and compared in my system.
i ran the dna with cary slp50 with fantastic results. i also listened to it with the slp98 - even better - but decided to upgrade the mccormack to tubes later on david
I also have a DNA-1 Deluxe and a Modulus 3A with it. Nothing but praise for the combo.
Hi Kleiman, I plan to get the revision A upgrade for my DNA-1 Dlx.,when my budget allows and this believe it or not will bring the sound up to another serious level of improvement.I have read all favorable posts and I have been urged by any who responded to me to do this upgrade .The M3A is built like a tank and nothing should go wrong. As you know,their service has a reputation for taking extremely long and it is not uncommon for upgrades to take up to 3 months.If I had to send it in for service I would have to buy a used highly rated passive or tube pre amp to replace it during the long wait.On return a showdown would ensue with the winner remaining and the other getting sold.Happy listening.
Hi,Lihifiguy. Actually, my DNA-1 Deluxe is scheduled with SMC Audio for the upgrade. I was going to do the Revision A upgrade, but Steve has recently come up with what he calls a Revision A Gold upgrade. It's over double the cost, but I've waited a while to upgrade the amp and don't want to keep sending it back so I'm going for it. Look for posts about a month and a half from now.
Hi Kleiman, That is some serious bucks for an upgrade and I would have to hear feedback from multiple sources that this upgrade blew away the revision A and would hold its own to a new DNA-125($1695.) with the same upgrade.If I would want extra power and sold my DNA-1 Dlx,I could get at least $1300. and $1400.more would get me a new DNA-225,that can also someday be upgraded.I gather that you may have weighed out all of these options.I am eager to hear your assessment once your unit is well burned in. Regards, Fred
Mettef, Another plus for the AI Modulus 3A is that it has a great phono stage. If you're into vinyl, it's worth giving it a listen. Lihifiguy,I'll be glad to let you know how upgrade works out. Kris, at SMc Audio assured me that the Gold is a major improvement so I'm putting my trust in them since they're just starting to do this upgrade and their reputation is excellent. I'm not having the balanced inputs done since the Mod 3A does not have balanced outputs.
Not to plug my own auction, but the presence audio linestage I am selling is being used with a dna-1 deluxe. I can sell you it for less than an Audible illusions and it is a fundamentally better unit. See my auction for details Preamplifiers-tube
Ditto on the Audible Illusions M3A and double ditto on their terrible service. This should definatly be a factor in your decision. I have had problems with my M3A (nasty noise when turning the volume controls and a loud fuzzy noise in one channel when turning it off). I gave up on AI ever returning my calls concerning this and had some one else fix it. But I have been very happy with the sound. I also bought mine 3 years ago from a dealer who was discontinuing carrying the line and got it new for $1400, an unbeatable deal. If you don't need a phono stage you may want to check out a passive preamp. Reguarding the DNA-1 revisions verses the DNA 225 (the new amp replacing the DNA-1)I was told the $3000, DNA 225 is comparable the B revision which goes for $500.