Preamp w Phono and Headphone Jack

Any suggestions?
Preferably under $1500 new  (or $1000 used).

To be paired w CJ Sonographe 250 amp.

Know of a few integrated amps, but cannot find any
preamps w Phono and Headphones.

If not, would it make more sense to get a preamp w phono and add a headphone amp,
or a preamp w headphone and add a phono stage?

The Audible Illusions 3A with phono for moving magnet cartridges is about $900-$1200 used.  If you get the John Curl moving coil phono section 3A, it will run you about $1400-$1600 used.  This is a very good preamp and it took me going up to the TRL DUDE to want to replace it which was over $6500 new.  You could also find an Audible Illusions 2D with MM phono for about $500-$600.  Between those preamps, I was a happy camper for 24 years with no thought of replacing them.  I only went to the 3A because I wanted to go back to a MC cartridge.  No headphone section though.  
I even have a 3A to sell that has the MC phono and Audible Illusions' best matched tubes in it.  There are very few all-in-one preamps that can touch the sound or durability of a 3A.  The Modwright SWPH has a phono section and would be the best chance and you might find one at the $1500 price.  It could have the headphone section also.
You can stick with the JC theme and get a Parasound Halo P5 for around $1100 new.  Has everything you want plus a decent DAC.