Preamp w/ Phono and Headphone

I have recently downsized my living space to a small fraction of what it used to be, as well as being a condo instead of a stand-alone house. I'm looking for recommendations for a preamp that has a nice phono section as well as a built-in headphone jack.

I have a VPI Super Scoutmaster TT setup, and Sennheiser HD650 headphones. I listen to a wide variety of music including a lot of rock, jazz and blues. I will be using active speakers.

I appreciate any input you may have. -Kirk
The only one I can think of is the Emotiva USP1 preamp that has phono and headphone, plus remote operation. Can be had for about $400.00 from the manufacturer, new in the box. At that price its worth a try.

Other than that will have to see what vintage units are out there with headphone and phono.
What's your price range? If you want something absolutely killer, a Nagra PL-P is very hard to beat. And has the features your asking for.

For a vinyl lover, this near heaven. The Nagra's are very reasonable used...occasionally pop up here.
Most preamps with headphone outs, use cheap op amps, Because you have the excellent 650's I highly recommend you get a headphone specific amp. Look at
Agree to the most preamps having cheap opamps to drive headphones, but my CD-player/recorder/DAC/ADC has an excellent headphone jack that would drive senns in the very competitive level of listening.
Thanks for all the good feedback. As for price range, it's variable - my biggest concern right now is that I am now living right on the ocean, and everybody here tells me that everything rusts. I had a nice Ayre K-1x preamp with phono, but didn't want to risk bringing it here and having it damaged by the salty, moist sea air. So, for now, I'll probably keep it modest, but I appreciate the high-end suggestions as well, as I may decide that will work.

I had wondered about the quality of a headphone jack in a preamp. For flexibility, something that will take a digital input and be small enough to transport likely makes the most sense, since I would be able to travel with it if desired. On the flip side, every box you can eliminate helps in a small space.