Preamp w/mm Phono Stage for under $300?

I’m pretty much a beginner on a budget who has slowly been putting together a 2-channel system for the past three years.

My system consists of Yamaha Integrated Amp model A-700 (mid 1980’s vintage). Sources are a Meridian 508.20 CDP and a Music Hall MMF.7 Turntable w/ Eroica Cartridge [the latter a high output MC Cart that is recommended to be run by a MM phone stage], Apple G5 as a music server w/iTunes (connected via cheap mini-plug > RCA cable), plus an inexpensive Philips DVD player for the occasional movie. Speakers are Polk LSi9s.

After putting upgrades on hold for a year, I just purchased a McCormack DNA-125 Amp and I am going to integrate it into my system. I had intended to use the preamp and MM phono-pre section of the Yamaha A-700 Integrated amp to feed the McCormack amp until I could afford a separate preamp upgrade in the future (I've been curious about the Audible Illusions M3A, but I haven’t really begun to do the research for the preamp yet). Unfortnately, I can NOT hook the Yamaha’s preamp section to the McCormack…there’s NO pre-out. Gah!

In the interim, I need to get some sort of temporary preamp into this system to feed the McCormack.

Finances are VERY tight right now. A good preamp is out of the question as my audio priorities include numerous system expansion upgrades [I’ll have two more rooms to supply with music in the near future, so I’ll set up either a hardwired or wireless music server based on my Apple computer].

So now I need to take a bit of a detour.
Does anyone have recommendations for a premap (probably used) for under $300 that has switchable sources (CDP, AUX [Digital from Apple G5] , TT, DVD), MM phono stage, that will mate well with the McCormack and Polk LSi9? I listen to mostly rock with a little bit of everything else. I want something I can easily resell down the road, preferably without too big of a loss. This is a stop-gap measure. I haven’t listened to tubes so I do not have an opinion on them vs. SS.

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch.
The phono requirement makes this tough. Certainly, you're best off buying used to keep you whole when you re-sell to upgrade.

My first thought was to look for an original Audible Illusions Modulus 3 (not the 3a), but even those go for $500+. I've had both and I actually liked the phono better on the Modulus 3 than I do on my current Modulus 3a.

You might check out some semi-vintage stuff. The Yamaha C-5 preamp for instance falls into your price range (less!), and should be a good match with the McCormack. Has a pretty good phono stage too. A bit older, but maybe even better phono stage is the original Advent receiver, used as a preamp. This has a justly celebrated phono stage, and again fits your price range. You shouldn't lose money reselling either of these.

Another alternative is the Wright WPL100 preamp, which again is a bit above your limit. I had one of these and found it quite nice, if not quite high-end in sound quality. Again, the phono stage is the highlight. I think mine sold for $400 or so, IIRC.

It's a tough price range. Hope this helps!

NAD C162, used. Should fit the bill.
The Adcom 565 preamp under 300.00 is a great pre for the money and beats many along and with its great phono stage no competition.
Here are a few to look for:
Superphon I
PS Audio IV
Nacamichi c5
Forte 2
Try a Rotel RC-1070. These can be had used for your price range.
Philips AH 572, from early eighties. The audiophile statement of Philips when it was not only producer of cheap plastic things. Very nice preamp with wonderful phonostage. hard to find better. Also, old accuphase preamps from that time (C-200) are also very good. They are surprisingly competitive with todays' design. Maybe because they were designed in a time, when digital and comprossed pop music was not the mainstream music. Thus they have a surprisingly "human" touch.
Sound Valves tube pre with tube phono can be had for $300, along with the great ideas you already have been given.
I believe the B&K Pro10MC goes for ~$250 used.
If I may offer you some good advice. For $300, you have several choices on ebay and a'gon. If it were me, my first choice would be a dyna PAS 2 or PAS 3. With this updated, I think this is easily the best sounding thing you'll find. I had a Music Reference RM5 mkII preamp several years ago and had to send it in to get moded and was given a PAS2 by the audio dealer to try. Well, when I got the Music Reference back, I actually preferred the PAS 2 over the MR. And the MR retailed for $1200. A conrad johnson cj PV2, 2A, 2AR or PV3, etc. will usually sell for over $300. Other tube preamps under this price usually don't have phono sections.

But if you want to go solid state there are several options: PS Audio IVH, 4.5, 4.6 maybe a 5.0 or 5.5, Adcom 565, B&K Pro 10, Acoustat TNP, and several others that I haven't mentioned. I believe the TNP has the best phono stage here, but the Adcom 565 and PS Audio's also have good phono stages too. Less expensive and also excellent is a Superphon Revelation Basic or Rev Basic dual mono and also has an excellent phono stage. Good luck,