Preamp w/HT Bypass for Mccormack

I am looking for recommendations for a stereo preamp that would match well with my stock DNA-1. It needs to have a HT byass. The Axiom is no longer practical. I value soundstage, silky highs, and accurate tonal balance if that helps for reference. I am not opposed to my first endeavor into tubes. I must stay under $1500 used.

Sony DVP-S9000ES
Totem Arros
Yamaha RX-V663
Luminous Audio Passive Preamp
Ixos Ixotica Aptimus interconnects
BAT VK3i worked well w my McCormacks and has the HT bypass. Even w optional remote should come in well under your $.
Thanks Swamp. In doing some audioreview reading, it seems that the performance is pretty tube-dependent. Do you have any tube recommendations that seemed to work best with your mccormack?

Any other suggestions out there for preamps?

Any comparison between the BAT and Sonic Frontiers Line 2?
VAC, used.

I lived with a SF Line 1 paired up with an SMc modded McCormack DNA-1 for several years and felt they worked well together. Enough that I lusted after the Line 2 as a future upgrade.

While not familiar with the Arros, the SF and DNA are not a combination I'd mate with any speaker prone to HF glare. The slightly dry nature of the Line 1 accentuated an edgy character in the upper frequencies of my speaker's metal dome tweeters. Rolling in the right tubes mostly tamed it.

My recollection is the Line 2 lacks the 1's dryness, though neither is a really tubey sounding preamp.

Hope that's helpful.