preamp w/ cinema bypass / SSP loop for about 1k

The age old question of integrating 2 channel into HT setup rears its ugly head once more. I've got around $1000 to spend, give or take, on a new preamp to match with an Odyssey Stratos stereo amp. Preamp must have remote control, at least for volume. I'm letting a denon avr-3300 run the home theater, which it does well, it just can't produce the 2 channel sound I'm looking for. There are SO MANY options for preamps. Not just tube, SS, or hybrid, but active, passive, and $$$! SO - for around a $1000, what's the best option with a remote? phono stage not needed in my setup. I've seen quicksilver preamps, sonic frontiers, van alstines, CJ's, McCormak's, Rogue....what's a man to do?
Conrad Johnson PFR has all the qualities you seek. I have one and am running HT thru video loop. The remote is good although I've heard others whine about its design (it's plastic, not metal) Most importantly it is a great performer. The used price should be about $1100
Used SF Line-1 will do all the tricks.
If you're looking to inject a bit of tube warmth and fullness into your system the Rogue may be a good choice, and they offer great customer support. If you're looking for something that walks the line more between tubes/ss I'd look at Sonic Frontiers, although they're out of the tube preamp business and I've heard their warranties don't transfer(assuming you'd have to buy one used), so that might be an issue. Likewise on the ss side the McCormack is very full and smooth sounding and is a nice compromise between ss and tubes. On the more neutral and detailed side of ss there is the Adcom GFP-750 that can run balanced or single-ended, active or passive, and it allows you to control L/R balance with the remote(as does the McCormack--very useful). There are obviously many more options out there, but these are the units I would look at first given your cost constraint and the need for an HT passthrough.

Just a word on the Adcom as there are some issues: Although sold by Adcom the unit was designed by Nelson Pass(of Pass Labs), and although not up to a full Pass Labs design standard(or price) it is a very good unit at its price point(around $1200 street price). Some people deride this unit because of its controversial Class A rating in Stereophile, and whether it belongs there or not it still offers a lot of performance for the money along with several nice features(mentioned above) and an HT passthrough. In my system it was very transparent and dynamic, offering an open window on the performance(i.e. it got out of the way of the music). Early models had some problems so I wouldn't buy one used and I'd want the full warranty, but given all that it offers I'd say it's worth an audition if you're looking for a more neutral sounding preamp and if you have a dealer nearby.

Hope this helped and best of luck.

The Adcom looks like a good bet and they are coming out with an updated model soon.
I'll second the Sonic Frontiers Line 1. This will integrate easily into a home theater set-up and then serve as an outstanding 2 channel preamp. The line 1 gets alot of negative reviews from some, but only because it's so neutral. Some were looking for that tube warmth and with the stock tubes, it wasn't a warm preamp, it didn't add any colorations of its own. It my mind, it was overlooked because of this, but with different varities of NOS tubes, it's a totally different preamp. You actually get the best of both worlds with the Line 1. If you want warmth, changes tubes, if your ears lean toward neutral, leave the stock tubes in. The Line 1 has so many features, and with the used prices it's selling for, IMHO, it's a steal. Goof luck.
thanks for your suggestions -

i'll start looking to see what's available. will keep you posted.

still haven't purchased anything...had a baby girl! now looking to find the right pre, or a musical pre-pro, and move the denon to the bedroom. any new suggestions?
I just bought a Sonic Frontiers Line 3...VERY pleased, even considering an upgrade!
Lots of really good suggestions. You could also get an Odyssey Tempest with a remote control in the price range you are looking for. The Tempest is a perfect match for the Stratos. In fact, it's the same preamp as the Symphonic Line preamp that sells for 3K.