preamp vs pre/processor

I have an Aragon 28K MkII. I want replace with a pre/processor for movies.

Is there a pre/proc out there that will meet the sound stage and quality I am getting now?

(I am looking at an Aragon Stage one)
Think about buying a 6-channel preamp rather than a preamp/processor. Do you have DVD and CD players now? Do the D-to-A conversions (and in the case of DVD, the distance and level adjustments) in the players (or outboard DACs) and just plug 'em into the preamp's 6 analog inputs.

I'm using an Audio Refinements Pre 5* that retails for about $1K with remote, and there are maybe another half-dozen of these things around, by McCormack, ARC, and others, and even all-tube models by Fosgate, Copeland (that I'm fantasizing about) and conrad-johnson.

At least the Copeland has 6-channel level controls, and the Fosgate has a Dolby ProLogic II processor.

* I've modified it a bit and just love it, but I've not compared it with any of the others.
Hello, I didn't like the sound of the Aragon Stage one. It was thin and steely with a cold pesintation. Try to find a Classe SSP-25, or 30. Because Angstrum and Kinergetics are out of buisness, the Classe ranks as the best sounding pre/pros I have ever heard. (I have heard them all) It would not shock me if it was a lot better than your Aragon 28K MkII unless it was a miss match issue.