Preamp upgrade

I have an opportunity to buy a threshold FET two series two. I currently have a Forte F44 pre. In your opinions would the upgrade be significant?
I can't comment on the Forte having never owned one. But I did
own the Fet two(over thirty years ago)and thought it was very
good until I replaced it with a Classe preamp. Like Mofi says
it's a lateral move! Now if you want to do a nice upgrade you
should get yourself a nice tube preamp. Check out the Quick
Silver line stage at $995 new. I have been using that preamp
for the last five years and it is better than any solid state
preamp I have owned.
Sorry, I had an FET 10 and don't even remember the FET2, if its over 30 years I wouldn't change.
Well I upgraded to the threshold. Exceeded my expectations. The forte sounded good but the threshold sounds better. More depth to the music. Sounds very natural. Worth $700.00 for sure.