preamp upgrade vtl 2.5 vs. hegel p20

I currently have a Mcintosh mc275, vtl 2.5, teac ud-501 dac, auralic aries streamer and clearadio concept turntable with all nordost interconnects and cables. I'm considering upgrading my preamp with possibly the hegel p20. Any suggestions on whether I should keep what I have, save for something better i.e. McIntosh pre or go with the hegel.
I do like the tube sound but have a case of upgrade-itis.
You already have McIntosh MC275, I suggest upgrade to McIntosh C2300 to match their synergy because your system is now designed and engineered by the same team. Basically accepted only thing in audiophile world is that it almost impossible to achieve the best sound by just combining only the best equipments. Much cheaper but properly selected audio system may sound better than its expensive brothers. This is called system synergy. System synergy is not only about combining the best equipments but it is a kind of long and enjoyable way to maximize their performances for best sound without too many tweaks.
Well said, I guess. Us lesser folk tend to get our listening experience from listening and not reading magazine reviews. The best I can do here is comment on the 2.5. I would consider it a fairly under rated component. It comes alive with music and has exceptional pacing. It's the kind of preamp you use to show people why they need a good preamp. I can't imagine someone not being happy with it.

I've never had the chance to listen to a Hegel. I would expect to like it given some comments I've read, but I can't say for sure.
Why not upgrade to the next level VTL pre? Isn't Hegel SS? There is that change to consider. I have a VTL 7.5iii and it is steller, and I am sure the next notch down in the line would be outstanding. They make a high quality product. I for one always prefer a tube pre.

What did you end up getting? i have mc275 and im looking at the same preamp the p20.