Preamp upgrade from Audio Mirror PP1- suggestions?

Am thinking of trying a different preamp in my system
Presently have an AUDIO MIRROR PP1 tube preamp that has a phono stage. Have had it for a few years and it has performed well. Just thinking of changing it up.

Here is my system:

Technics SL-1200 mkII Turntable
Audio Mirror PP1 Tube preamp
OPPO BDP -105 SACD/DVD/Blu RAY/Two channel audio
Odyssey Audio Monoblock Extremes Amplifier
Audio Concepts Jaguars LE Monitor
Audio Concepts LFM SE's Subwoofer

A few requirements:
1) HT bypass
2) Phono stage that handles an MC cartidge
3) Two sets of RCA outputs as I have a pair of ACI powered subwoofers.
4) I like remotes.
5) Probably $1000-$2000 used range

Sound preferences tend to warm detailed with great bass extension, large soundstage with good instrument spacing.
Listen to jazz, blues, some jazz fusion.

I have been out of high end audio for a couple years, but have the bug a little bit again. Always wondered what the next level of preamp might do in this setup.

Thnaks for any ideas.
I've owned an Audio Mirror preamp, and it's a very good performer for the price.

You have quite a tall order for $1-2K.

Here are a couple thoughts off the top of my head, although they probably don't have ALL of your requirements:

Copland preamp (forget the model)
VAC CPA-1 (warm, great phono stage, but no remote)
Audible Illusions M3A

The Audio Mirror unit was less than $1000 new when I bought it. Pretty modest.
My budget is maybe up to $2000 used.
Seems like I would be looking at units that are over $3000 street price new.
I was thinking I would be at quite another level....
Ended up with a used VAC Standard.
Initial impressions positive.
Thing is built like a tank.
Lower noise floor. The separate power supply is a first for me.