Preamp upgrade for Bryston 3B-SST Power Amplifier

I am looking to upgrade my preamp.

My current Setup:

Cambridge Audio 840C CD Player
VTL 2.5 Tube Preamplifier
Bryston 3B-SST Power Amplifier

Kindly suggest a good upgrade to my existing preamp, that is a good match to the Bryston 3B-SST Power Amplifier.

Are there any advantages of upgrading to a preamplifier with Balanced Inputs?
Tubed preamps that I have owned with Bryston amps (4B-ST, 4b-SST & 14B-SST) - Rogue Audio Magnum 99, Hovland HP-100, Lamm L2 Deluxe (very nice) and now have an ARC LS-26. All were good matches with my amps. Unfortunately I have not had any VTL preamps so I cannot advise as to what may be different from those I have listed above. I will say that the ARC is the least "tubey" sounding off the units I have owned. Dollar for dollar a used Lamm L2 Deluxe is hard to beat...

They say that the 3B-SST is not a true balanced design so using single ended cables over a shorter distance may be just as good. That being said I have found that my ARC sounds best (IMHO) running balanced so I use all XLR cables/connections in all my gear (even my 14B-SST).

If you are not averse to SS preamps don't discount Bryston's own BP-26 - there is a definite synergy between it and their amps although maybe you are just a "tube" kind of guy...
I second the Bryston BP26 suggestion. I use it in my main system.

I also think using balanced connections is worth doing. Bryston uses a true differential balanced input stage so why not take advantage of it? Balanced cables have much better connectors and do not need to be expensive.

Bryston amps do not have the highest input impedance (compared to a typical tube amp or Parasound JC-1), so the output impedance of the preamp is very important. You need to find out from the manufacturer the worst case impedance at what frequency.
Thank you, Rgd and Bob. I am looking for a preamp with very low noise floor. I have read that Bryston preamps have a very low noise floor.

I see a lot of Bryston BP25 on Audiogon at about half the price of Bryston BP26. Is BP26 significantly better than BP25?
I know that Bryston has been refining their basic preamp circuitry for many years. I assume that the BP26 measures better than the BP25 or they would not have released it. I've done a level matched sighted A/B comparison to a Pass Labs X1. We found it to be almost indistinguishable from the BP26. I kept the BP26 for use with Bryston 7B SST monoblocks and sold the X1 to a friend to use with his Parasound JC-1s.

I recently purchased an Integra DTC-9.8 pre/pro and I'll probably be selling the BP26.
I would think that if a low noise floor is a key desire than a Bryston preamp would suit the bill. If you can live with a little tube "noise" (assuming that your VTL has a wee bit of it) then other tubed preamps could be as quiet as what you have now. But I have had a BP-26 in my system on loan and its dead quiet compared to the tube preamps I have had.

Now I understand the design of the BP-26 is virtually the same as the BP-25. The largest difference is the new power supply that comes with the BP-26. Now the nice thing is this new power supply can be bought separately so if you were to score a really cheap BP-25 you could get the new PS and be ready to rock. If it were me I'd probably wait on a used BP-26 (make sure the seller has the bill of sale for the new warranty regulations). My 2nd choice would be to get a used BP-25 to see if I liked it. If not then I'd re-sell it for probably for very close to what I paid for it. If I did like it then I'd either wait on a reasonably priced BP-26 and sell the BP-25 or keep the BP-25 & pony up for the new PS.
Thank you. I am currently using 1m Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects. How sensitive is Bryston BP-26 to the interconnect cables (RCA / XLR)? Do you have any suggestions on interconnects?
I think all gear has some level of sensitivity to cables. You can do a search here and over at Audiocircle under the Bryston chat board for more info. That being said if you do get a Bryston preamp try the blue heaven cables on the single ended connections. If you like what you hear then try and acquire a used set of blue heaven balanced cables. If you don't then try something new. Buy used to reduce your costs. I had good luck with Cardas Golden Refs at the time. A buddy uses Tara Labs (forget the model) between his Bryston pre & amp. Lots of good choices out there but its been my experience that copper based cables have been better choices when using Bryston components although you may find otherwise.
If you're trying to tweak the sonics, I can't help. I quit playing with cables years ago.

If you want a high quality cable, then Blue Jeans Cable is a good choice.

Unbalanced I prefer the Belden 1505F to their LC-1 since it's more flexible.