Preamp under 800$


I am currently using a pioneer sa8500 integrated amplifier as preamp. I would like to use it in a secondary system and improve my main system with a better preamp. (need at least two line sections and one phono section)
My system:
Thorens TD166 with Grado red cartidge (MM)
Marantz CD74 CD player
Nakamichi PA7EII Stasis amplifier
JBL L112
Mogami 3082 cables

I am mostly listening to vinyls, the phono section of the preamp is therefore very important to me.
Concerning the sonic signature, I am very concerned about the soundstage and imaging on one side, and the warmth in the mids on the other side. I am not seeking for extreme details or transparency, I would rather like to improve the presence in the low mids.
I listened to Threshold FET 9 and liked it, but I can't find one on the market at a reasonable price.
What about Nakamichi CA5 II (around 500$) ? Is it similar to the FET 9? I have been told that the CA5 wasn't that good but that the second version was a significant improvement...
Thanks for reading, I am looking froward to read your comments.

Started to read the post and was going to suggest the Threshold Fet 9 or Forte. I continued to read and then saw that you have had experience with it. Sorry, I have no experience with the CA5, but I can tell you that I have enjoyed every Threshold and Forte unit that I have owned. No help!!!
Check out Class'e. I had one years ago and they are a great preamp. There is a model 35 for sale here now,I would grab it before it goes.
Thanks for your answers,

I actually found a FET 9 for 840 $.
Is it a reasonable price?
The classe CP35 is at 695 $, to which I shall add 50 $ to convert the 220 V to 110 V (I am in France)

So between a Classe CP 35 at 750 $ and a FET 9 at 840 $, what would be your advice ?

Last question, do you know of any tube preamp worth trying in my budget?

Thanks again
I also owned a threshold FET2 that was out before the 9. I still think the Classe was better sounding. And I used Grado with both. Now I use tube electronics and the Classe is the closest to that. You can check out Rogue Audio if you want to go with tubes with a phono section,my friend uses that preamp and it sounds real nice.Make the guy an offer on that Classe you have nothing to lose.
The Rogue model is the Metis and goes for $1195 new. See if a used one comes up for sale.
At that price, I have seen models as high as the 45 and 47.5 in Classe, the Muse Model 3 Signature is excellent also.
At the budget, in Solid State, thats were I'd be looking.
There is a Manley on Agon now for $625. That's a steal. This is an early model of the Shrimp, but Manley gear is very respectable. I would try this instead of some of the other unknown stuff out there.
The Manley is a line level,no phono section.
Bigthinker must have a small brain !
Bigthinker must have a small brain!
Classe CP 35 is a good solid state preamp.