Preamp & Turntable Setup Help

I am trying to optimize my vinyl setup.

I have Goldenear Triton 1 speakers, Peatchtree nova220SE Amp/DAC, Clearaudio Nano V2 Phono Preamp, Technics 1200 and Denon DL-110 MC cart.

I mounted the 110 cart myself to a standard technics headshell and I think its set up well, but I don't think it sounds as good as it could. I have the Clearaudio preamp set but I have no idea if this is right. I have a cork mat, table is level and away from the speakers, mediabridge cables.

Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of what the preamp should be set to? Also looking forTechnics settings recommendations, tracking, ant-skate etc. Any other tips tricks etc?

I also inherited a B&O Beograd 4002 turntable from an Uncle but I have no idea if this is worth getting an expensive SoundSmith cart. I haven't tried to plug it in to see if it works, but it looks to be in good condition. I want to stay with the Technics which I bought brand new over 10 years ago and is excellent condition.

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