PreAmp-Tuner Combinations

I noticed there are some Rotel tuner/preamp combos for sale here. Didn't Adcom and Carver market such combos at one time? Do any of you have anything bad or good to say about the concept of tuner/preamp combos in general or the Rotel pieces in specific? Thanks.
I have used an Adcom GTP 500 II for the past 13 years, that is just now requiring some servicing (power switch relay needs replacing). I always thought that it was a smart way to combine components and share a power supply ... as they are not in the same physical unit as the power amp. The Adcom's tuner performed well, as long as it had a good antenna. FM was highly listenable and the preamp married well with the Adcom 545 power amp, that I used. Another clever combination is the Musical Fidelity preamp/ cd player, given how a good deal of listeners do not care about FM anymore.
I used a NAD 1700 Preamp/Tuner as a starter unit for a few years. It wasn't all that bad. Very fexible, lots of inputs, MM and MC phono options, and the tuner was respectable. Although lacking in the utmost detail retrieval and bass definition, it was musical enough to enjoy until I could afford better separates. I'd grab another for an office or rec room setup in a minute.
I have an Adcom GTP-400. nice little piece. It (and some others) were actually made by Rotel. This info comes from the ex-head of Rotel service, so it's pretty solid info. I dont' need it anymore, so it's available if anyone is interested.

I have an Adcom GTP-600 that sounds fairly nice. The tuner works better than expected and provides good sound quality. I also have a Denon AVP 8000 that sounds even better in a system but the tuner can't pull in radio stations like the Adcom.. B & K also made some good preamp-tuner combo's.
I have the B&K Pt3 preamp/tuner. I have no real complaints about the preamp section. Much better than the NAD I replaced. Warm sounding, not bad. I feel that the tuner is weak. It pulls in stations poorly and doesn't sound good. The only advantage is the remote for both. I'd go separate, if I could. That would probably mean not being able to control the tuner w/ the remote, depends if you mix brands of components.