Preamp tubes... Psvane or Genelex?

I have a Belles VT-01 preamp that uses 4 12AU7 tubes. I was looking for a tube that will last a long time and have good dynamics. Since they can't be returned, "buy and try" does not work with this, so I am polling the audience. Any opinions are appreciated... thanks.
Give Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio a call. I've bought quite a few tubes from him and have always been quite happy. Here's his 12au7 page:
I would suggest some RCA Clear Tops.
Of the 2 brands you mention I would go with the Genelex Gold Lion 12AU7 reissue tubes. Just on the support alone and the vast availability from reliable vendors. I'd get them from Jim McShane. He does very in depth testing of the tubes he sells and is well versed in the reissue tubes. I use the Genelex Gold Lion 12AX7s from Upscale Audio and they are awesome in my Jolida amp.
I'm a big fan of the Psvane tubes myself. But they have a more modern tube sound. For better for worse. Really a matter of preference IMO. Looking for a more tubey sound, or a tube with more extended highs and bass and less midrange warmth?
Not sure if this applies but it's an excuse to talk about tubes so here ya' go: After
trying various 12AX7s I'm now using the current Russian (there are now
"authorized" Chinese versions available and they are cheaper but I
have no idea if they're as good) Gold Lions I bought with "matched
sections" from They're great in my Jolida 502p seeming
to sound somewhat better than the Psvanes and others (I had a Psvane 12AX7t-II
wear out too quickly). I recently bought a set of "Platinum Grade" from Upscale
UK Mullard NOS 12AT7 "gold pin 6201s" as I love the 4024s but
wanted an extra set of Mullards in case they become more rare...not sure if the
6201s sound better but pins...I like gold pins...I want gold pin that so wrong?
My friend lent me a pair of the Psvane 12AU7 and I like them. I was hoping to get some comps to the Genelex ones to help me decide.
There is another thread discussing 6922's here that makes some pretty good points in favor of using NOS signal tubes as compared to the new production tubes . Might be worth a read .

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Nos telefunkens were the top of the heap out of everything I tried.