Preamp to use with Rowland mono amps

Any suggestions on preamps the work well with Rowland amps? I am sold on the M201 or mono 12s. I am looking to change out my Bryston amp and preamp with Rowland amps and something to match my system. As always suggestions are very much appreciated. My system is:

B & Nautalis 802 speakers
Meridian 588 CD player
CAL CL-10 multi disk
Birdland Ag DAC
Audio Magic power conditioners
Rowland Synergy IIi.
I currently have the Rowland Synergy IIi and it sounds wonderful. My power amps are Classe' CAM 350 monoblocs and this combination has a similiar sound to the Rowland power amps but with better dynamics. My speakers are the Vienna Acoustics Mahlers and I have a Meridian 588 CD player as well.
y have the synergi lli and is an amazing pre.y had compared the synergi with mark levinson 32 and the old 26 and the krell krc-hr and the synergy is incredible.y dont know why the ML 32 DOES not sound like the synergy or better.y have the rowland 12 ,mezzos utopia and electocompaniet emc1.
I am using both a Klyne (SS) and a First Sound (tube) with my 201s. The jury is still out. I suspect you could use just about anything you like.

Rowland will also have a new preamp pretty soon: Concerto. Lower priced than the Synergy, apparently designed as a companion to the ICEpower 201 and 501 amps. Phono options. $3900, I think. Also available as an integrated amp in combination with two channels of 201 amplification.
I have a Jeff Rowland amplifier(Model 10) in my system and have used a number of ss (including Synergy 11i) and tube preamps over the years. The best sounding preamp I have found for my system is the Conrad Johnson 16LS Series 11.
I used to run a Rowland Synergy 2i with 12 monos, it's one of the better preamplifiers out there, it's lush, clean, and fast. I have since replaced the Synergy with a Ayre K1x, everything seems to open up, sound expanded in all directions...more 3D soundstage. If you like the Synergy, you hould definitly audition the Ayre, you won't regret.
I have used to great effect, an Audio Research REF2 MK1 into my Rowland model 9T monos
i had great luck with my rowland consonance and model 6's
I used a Klyne 7 preamp for many years with my Rowland mono's. It was perfect.
I went with the Synergi IIi and love it. This is a great combination to any of the people thinking about a new amp/preamp selection.