preamp to system match

have a mccormack dna 1 rev b and B&W 704s. main source arcam fmj 23
pre amp is cj pv10 has gone through 2 revisions to the b. looking for replacement for latter which has been in my various systems for a long time.
considering used cj premier 14, blue circle 21.1 or used mccormack ald or rld 1.
any thoughts on above appreciated.
I had my sights on a c-j Premier 17LS2, when I was pursuaded to try a Herron VTSP-1A/166. I'm very thankful that I listened. A used one on Audiogon is around $2000.00. It's one of the former Stereophile Class 'A' pre-amps. There are reviews out the gazoo on their website, or go to and read Karl Lozier's review as an introduction. In fact, it was Karl's that I listened to and bought when he purchased the new Herron VTSP-2.