Preamp to pair with X250.5

Hi all,

Looking for a preamp to pair with Pass Lab X250.5...

Looking at Coincident Statement Linestage; Modwright 36.5, Aesthethix Calypso Signature or CAT SL1...

I have a CEC TL1 CD Transport.

Any recommendation.. or would you suggest another preamp...

Thank you.
If this helps; I have a Aesthethix Calypos I use with my AX30.5 and it sounds very good.
Are you using the standard or the signature?
Have you considered the PASS XP-10?

Isn't the Pass balanced? IMO/IME you will want something with tubes that is also balanced.

The ability to drive long cables might also be nice. That is one of the reasons the balanced line system exists. That could allow you to place the front end where you want it rather than just between the speakers.
Nope... i actually looking for a tube preamp

Good input.... I was recommended CAT SL1... But it doesn't have balanced.. Any recommendations?
I tell you from experience the PASS Preamp matches best with PASS amps. I tried a Audio research tube and was not happy
Well of course we make tube preamps that are balanced and we have been doing it longer than anyone else, having introduced the first balanced preamps made anywhere, back in 1989.

But if not our own the Calypso is one I would consider. Some of the newer ARC line stages are doing OK too, IMO starting with the Ref 3.
Hi atmasphere,

Which preamp of atmasphere do u recommend?

Calypso ... The standard or signature ?

Thank you
Hi Atmasphere,

Would you recommend Modwright 36.5 ? With or without power supply? And how about Coincident Linestage Preamp?

Clarrie, either will work fine.

Fin1bxn, if I recall correctly the ARC preamps cannot drive an input impedance like the Pass and also play bass right; seems to me that they say in the manual that the amp has to have an input impedance of 30K or more.
Clarrie, if you're on a bit of a budget, I'd seriously look at their MP-3. It's a wonderful sounding unit that they usually mate with their M-60 mono amps at the audio shows; CES, RMAF.

If you want to take it up a couple notches(think state of the art), you can't go wrong with their MP-1. I've owned an MP-1 Mk.3 for a few years now AND LOVE! It replaced the CAT.

Finally, if you listen to vinyl, both are available with phono and I'd definitely recommend that route.
Hi Rfogel,

MP-3... MP-1 which brand do you refer to...sorry...
Sorry, both are made by Atma-Sphere. The MP-1 is a two chassis unit with separate power supply.
Emotive Sira is nice preamp.