Preamp to pair with Manley Snappers?

I currently have Sonic Frontiers Line 3 into Manley Snapper Monos or Atma-Sphere M60 Mk II.2, driving Silverline Sonatina IIIs. Audience Au24 balanced interconnects and speaker cable. Snapper monos clearly not as transparent as Atma-Sphere M60 Mk II.2s but more low end control. Other than the Atma-sphere MP3, are there other preamps that might deliver more mids than the SF Line 3 but still maintain bass and treble?
I am currently using a First Sound Presence Deluxe 4.0 MKII with Paramount upgrade with my Snappers and the extended detail and dynamics are startling. When I first put it in my system I would often get up to turn the volume up on familiar recordings only to be driven back to my seat by the new-found dynamic range. Emmanuel Go of First Sound is a great guy to talk to and I am sure that he can tell you the sonic improvements you should enjoy and why? I was using an Audio Tekne IT-1 with good success prior to the First Sound. This past weekend I heard the new rendition of the Manley 300B pre-amp with the Snappers and it was magical. The previous 300B was way too sweet, but this new version is a killer, the guys at the shop were fighting over who got to use it on the weekend and the Manley sales dude said he HAD to buy one. Anyway therere some options that I've tried.
Thanks a lot! This is the first time I have posted a thread and had no responses. I do not know if others do not like the Snappers or what. Nonetheless I will look into the first sound preamp.
Bbybaudio, the Manley preamps are exceptional pieces and I would also recommend auditioning them before moving away from the line. Even the $1800 Shrimp sounds better than it has any right to at it's price point. Sweet presenation with excellent low and upper end extension. The upper end has a beautiful sense of "air" while th elower end is fast and tight.
Why not at least try the Manley preamp with your Snappers? Usually manufacturers play particular close attention to matching and optimizing partnering components.
I'm waiting for my Manley Shrimp to be delivered. Check their web site if you can't find a dealer locally. I got two emails from Manley's pres. and two phone calls from their sale's manager within a day.
Thanks for the input. I was staying away from the Manley products due to lack of balanced outs. Similarly for the Cary SLP98. I actually do not know what differences in sound I will get in switching from XLR to RCAs.
If you can do fully balanced from the source to preamp to amp you should get really nice sound. The only question is if you'll like listening to the resulting sound. If you're not doing fully balanced from source through to amp then I think that you (and I have in the past) will not see the benefit. Having said, I think that chasing the sound might be more satisfying than the electronic signal configuration (perhaps cheaper too). Good luck....
Thanks to all. I have contacted EveAnna about the Shrimp and Prawn preamps.