Preamp to Monoblock

OK so I have no idea
I am looking at continually improving my system; as are we all.
I have I think everything in place but it is not the sound I am looking for.
I think............ Tubes yes thats it add some tubes.

So the question is can I use my Integra DTR-9.1 AV receciver as my preamp and place a pair of mono blocks in the loop
The DTR serves my home theater sound well but it lacks somthing when it comes to music.

My idea is add the monoblocks using the DTR aux amp out front speaker output and listen to my vinyl and music using direct out (No amp filtering or processing)on the amp
Am I just way off base or is this an option.

Please take a look at my system and help me out Please
It will work fine using the two front channel pre-outs.
Yes, an outboard amp will help some, but the real help comes from a decent 2ch pre with pass-thru___Then, this great amp/amps.---Using the 2ch pre section of your reciever will be the limiting factor.
It will work, and I had done that with my Onkyo reciever I had at the time, however adding a Sonic Frontiers tube hybrid, and even a Rotel pre had made huge improovements, so I dont think your reciever will be anywhere near ideal but it will work.