Preamp to match SS Amp, under $2k used

I'm looking for a preamp to match my Parasound A21 amp and Revel F32 speakers. My budget for this is $2k, and I'll mention that my musical tastes are largely rock music, though I enjoy female vocals as well. I'm also looking for a unit with reasonably good bass response, though this is not the very highest priority (else I might be looking at SS preamps).

Two units I had in mind are the Cary SLP-98 F1 and something from ARC (perhaps the LS-16). I won't be using the phono stage, so I'd rather not pay extra for a unit due to the phono stage. I'll also mention that I'd like to have RCA inputs/outputs.

Are there any other units that the community here might recommend?
Either one is a great choice ....... You might add cj to your list as well .........

You might want to look out for a Dodd, or get one of his battery buffers new (check out his web site). They have a great following, Gary is great to work with and are available for well under $2k used (and at or under $2k new).
If you don't mind Solid State, then try to audition the Atoll PR300. It's an unbelievable match. You'll be amazed by the results. Even better than Parasound's own JC-2 preamp. I have that combo, and for a price and being SS it's unbeatable, IMO.
PS Audio PCA-2 with the HCPS can be had for as little as
$1200 for both!

There is NOT a Better pre--amp combo out there, that can
touch it for that price.

Revealing, Nuetral, very quiet.

One of the Best, and under-appreciated buys in Audio, IMHO that is.

I own 2 sets, and I could NOT be more happy.

I have a BAT VK-30, which I love, but I listened to a LS-16 and a couple of CJ's before I bought it. The BAT had a beautiful black background(which is why I think some people describe them as dark) and a huge soundstage. The LS-16 I would describe as more bright and lively. I thought the CJ's colored the music a little bit. I almost bought the LS-16 but liked the sound of the BAT for my tastes a little better, and it came with an installed phono card and remote. All of these can be had used for under 2000.