Preamp to match Parasound JC1 monos

Looking for preamp to match the JC1s and B&W N802s. Currently using Meridian 502 pre,
Thank you
I like my JC2 for the 1's but I am running waveforms
Your best bet might be the matching Parasound preamp.Companies go to great lengths to get their gear to work together.Just my opinion.
I thought about the JC2 also, but I'm thinking maybe a tube preamp will be a good match for B&W N802's.
Jump on the Thor T2000 on this site..You will never have to look back..Awesome preamp..........
I used a few different preamps with the JC-1s when i had them. I loved the BAT VK-31SE with them. I think a used 51SE would be even better.
I own N802 (drived also by very powerful amp - Spectron) and I highly recommend Joule-Electra (LA-150 or LA-300) truly a magical synergy. I tried a number of preamps and J-E was the best

All The Best
Ellyjr, I have JC-1 amps and am using a Herron Audio VTSP-3 tube pre and the sound is fantastic. They are an excellent match.
Ellyjr, I ran the JC1's with a Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE+ with some pretty pricey tubes and I would give the nod to the JC2. That is not to say that you might get better results with a different tubed linestage. Either way I would run balanced.
The Einstein "The Tube" Preamp works great with the JC-1's or just about any solid state or tube amp that has XLR inputs.

Cpk, I had an SF line 2 also, it was a great pre. I wish I still have it to try with JC1's. Thank you all for your responses.
Bob Crump was adamant that preamp be balanced, had Pass X1 for many years with JC1s, recently bought XP20, still breaking in but sounding promising.
Ran the Blue Circle BC3000MKII with upgraded GZpz power supply - it was a fantastic match.