Preamp to Integrated amp hookup

I would love to have the best, or the most I can get, from SS and tube. Could I hook up a tube preamp to my YBA Passion Intgegre, and if so, what is the way I can do it? And, if this wasn't enough questions; what tube pre would you suggest that will bring me as close to the SET sound I would like to have without going pure SET? Thanks in advance, warren :)
You can only hook up a preamp to your YBA if the YBA has an "amp in" jack. The only integrateds I know with such jacks are the McIntosh MA6500 and MA6900 so I believe you are out of luck there.

However, the new Passion has a "pre out" which if yours does too, you can hook up a tube amp to it and use the YBA as a preamp only. That would get you your tube sound for sure.

The tubiest tube pre I have heard is the Cary SLP98 - or at least it was in the most golden-colored system I have yet to hear, played with the Cary V12, Cary cdp and Tannoy speakers.

I can't believe Warren is thinking of selling his Passion! Change indeed! ;)

Aball, Raytheprinter has my Caravelles. Can't do the preamp. Does have a pre out, but no amp in. I want the tube pre. There always a way, but not this one. thanks, warren
I think that the recomendation of a tubed power amp is a good one. You will still have the best of both worlds. Pick one that has a good resale value, so that you could dump it if need be.

Better yet, just hang on to the passion and try it with the new speakers. Who knows, it may be what you were looking for.
Seth, you're right about that. The Passion may just be the end of my journey. Being the audiophool that I am, I'm always two or three steps ahead of the game. Even if I may never go there.
My feeling is that even with efficient speakers, you may still want the power of the Passion to give you dynamics you are used to. Have you had a chance to audition the new speakers with solid state gear?
no. haven't even received them yet. I'll do it one step at a time.
Well lo and behold: I am in luck. Called the YBA tech department and they said I can hook up a preamp. They said to use the video input. It is designed for processors and the like, and the internal preamp can be bypassed via the hand control. Spoke to Dan Wright and he feels this may be a beautiful marraige. He can adjust the gain on his pre to match up beatifully with the Passion. Looking good.
Well, the marraige is off. I left Dan Wright's preamp for another tube: Audion Sterling MKI integrated, coupled with vintage British Gold Lion KT88s as well as some other very hi end tubes. Can't remember the names. The timing worked out perfectly, selling my Yba. Soon, very soon, I will be a tube virgin no more. I'm not scared guys, since there have been oodles of audiogoners holding my hand, particulary, and most ingenuously, Phil (alias 213Cobra) who has been very patient and informitive about the Definitions and the benefits of tubes.