preamp to go with counterpoint amp

What preamps go best with counterpoint power amps?
I'm considering counterpoint for possible best compatibility.
Any others? For orchestral/classical music, dynamic sound.
I used a couple of counterpoint preamps back in the nineties. I had the SA200 Linestage, and the SA5000 with phono. The latter was their flagship and a class B rated preamp in Stereophile.

Compared to the likes of Audio Research and CAT, I found the Counterpoint model to sound a bit veiled. I also prefered my VAC CPA 1 MKll to the Counterpoint offerings. I hope this is of some help to you. Good Luck.
Which Counterpoint amp? Any chance you're the lucky owner of Counterpoint SA4 mono blocks?
I dont know about other manufacturer's offerings.I have had several Counterpoint amps and preamps over the years and would say go with one of those.Mike's work is very good along with his customer service.If you live in Mpls. you would be welcome to hear for yourself,good luck,bob
I would recommend a neutral preamp, if you really want to hear the counterpoint amp. I don't have any direct experience with counterpoint preamps. However, I'm currently using a sonic frontiers line 2 preamp with a counterpoint NPS-200A Mk II, and quite happy with the combination.
Which Counterpoint amp do you have? .... tube or ss?

I have been running an NPS400 with Basic upgrade for nearly 5 years. When I got it to compare to my far more expensive ARC Classic 150 mono amps, I was shocked to hear what a superior performer the NPS400 was over the ARCs. The ARCs were fatiguing and flat. Preamp at the time was a BAT 31SE which like the NPS400 was a bit soft on the top. They worked well together in the portrayal of voice, massed strings, midrange fullness, etc., but this combination lacked the detail on top....not an ideal match, but very musical.

I have since gone with Wolcott and CAT JL-3 amps as my primary amps, and to the Aesthetix Io/Callisto as preamp, but when the other amps are down due to tube failures, or I want to keep the heat down in the room, I switch back to the NPS400 and it is VERY good with the Aesthetix. And this amp drives tough loads like Magnepan 3.5 and SoundLab A1.

Having spent a couple months earlier this year with the CAT Ultimate II preamp, this is the "best" tonality match to the NPS400 that I have so far heard. The CAT provides greater reach to the frequency extremes that the NPS400 lacks, and the NPS400 adds that fullness in the mids that the CAT lacks. Oh you want dynammics? .... that is the CAT's strength. But the Aesthetix preamp pair brings on an awesome portrayal of space, decays, etc., that the Ultimate can't touch so it's not just about tonality. You really need to try a few of these and determine which one locks in well for you.
Excellent description Jafox.
"SA" hybrid mosfet/tube amp. I agree it sounds veiled... I don't know if because of the age of the component.
Would a change in preamp would help this? Or an upgrade
Tubes or upgrade would be my advice first off.Then a pre.Call Mike,good luck,bob
I am running an ARC SP6 (with mods towards an 8, because I bought it not knowing it was so butchered) with my Counterpoint SA12 (hybrid, like yours), powering Acoustats, and seems to work out well. The one caveat- this combination is slightly anemic on bass, the result of the Acoustats being a hard to drive load.(*)

*(I wouldn't claim this as too much of a fault considering the music preferences you list- I listen to syncopated musics with a tendency to be heavy on rhythm, eg; Cuban, African, and world, and "classical" music and it is easily within acceptable limits- I seldom find it lacking, but thought I would mention it.)

So, if you're listening to any reasonably efficient speakers, the combination seems to work out well- I would recommend an ARC SP8 as they are not too astronomical in price and findable.

I have the luxury of listening to many different types of gear, from the average to the esoteric as I work at a Hi-Fi repair shop one day per week for years now, the exposure being my "pay"... the point is that it seems that these hybrid amps coupled with tube pre-amps do very well.

Good luck!