Preamp to Amp jumpers on Bryston Integrated

I'm going to experiment with a subwoofer and need to split the "preamp out" signal to go to the powered sub (plus go back into the amp input).

Is there a reasonably inexpensive way to do this without investing hundreds of dollars in "audiophile jumpers" plus splitters?

Currently, like a lot of integrated pre/amps, there are a couple heavy copper like wires going between the RCA outs.

Is there a reasonably inexpensive way to do this without investing hundreds of dollars in "audiophile jumpers" plus splitters?
Yes there is. Fortunately the pre-outs of the Bryston integrated amps have low output impedances. For example, although that output impedance doesn't appear to be specified for the B60R, based on a look at its schematic at their website it appears to be in the vicinity of 75 to 100 ohms, DC coupled. That will minimize or eliminate the effects of the cable to the sub, and the sub's input impedance, on the signals that are received by the power amp section of the integrated amp. And of course the effects of that cable on mid and high frequencies that are received by the sub won't matter.

Also, assuming it is of reasonably decent quality the effects of the splitter itself won't matter, IMO. (I suspect that contrary opinions and experiences that may be reported are the result of cable effects and impedance interactions, and are not due to splitter effects in themselves).

I would suggest that you consider using the Audioquest hard y-adapter, and a set of good quality low priced RCA cables. Blue Jeans LC-1 would probably be a fine choice for the runs to both the sub and the power amp section of the integrated, although it is apparently not available in a length of less than 1 foot.

In saying all of this, I'm assuming that the sub has separate RCA inputs for each of the two channels. Post back if that is not the case.

-- Al

Al, you always have excellent solutions to problems, and the above is one for sure. Over the years I have used various types of y-adapters in different situations, and curious for your thoughts to use this AudioQuest FLX-X Flexible Y RCA Splitter Cable and a pair of additional cables in the correct length to the subwoofer.

Hi Tony (TLS49),

I see no reason why that wouldn't be an equally fine solution.

Although the length of the run from pre-outs to amp in is not particularly critical (especially given the low output impedance of the pre-outs) FWIW I note that the length of that run using the FLX-X cable would be close to the 1 foot figure I mentioned earlier for the shortest available Blue Jeans cable.

Obviously using the FLX-X would avoid having the splitter I suggested in the path between pre-outs and amp in, but on the other hand it would add to that path a connection point at the female connector. I doubt that either of those additions to that signal path would have any audible significance. Other opinions may differ, of course.

So I would expect either approach to work fine.

Best regards,
-- Al
Al - Wow, thank you for the thoughtful recommendation. Turns out, quite independently, I had already ordered a 1 foot LC-1. Just recently tried them out and found them no more colored than my Zu Julians (now sold). The sub, an SVS SB-1000, does have line level RCAs so your scheme works just right. Also, the AuydioQuest Y-adapter just fits the bill, figuratively and literally (a bit tight there on the back of my much loved BR-60). Thanks again!