Preamp Synergy for GamuT amp

I would like some input on a preamp that would be a good match for a GamuT D100 amp. Just got the amp here at Audiogon. It is replacing an Adcom GFA 555 II. A nice step up. As a result, I need to upgrade my preamp now.(A vicious circle) I am unable to demo a lot of these models in my area and I don't want to waste a dealer's time if I am going to buy used on the internet. If it's available new locally, I will demo and try to buy there.

Some concerns here. One is whether the balanced or the RCA inputs will make a significant difference. I would mention that at this time I have no sources with balanced out. Another is I would prefer a preamp with a built in MM/MC phono stage. Fairly rare in this day and age. I could bite the bullet and get an external phono stage if this is the best route. One other concern. I need an RCA output for the sub. So hopefully I can use the balanced out in conjunction with the RCA out.

My price range is something in the $1000 - $1500 range, new or used. Don't consider the external phono in this price.

Biggest Difference in upgrade so far:

1. Vocals and instruments natural sounding and devoid of grain I didn't know I had.
2. Depth of sound stage.

My musical taste runs to rock(classic, alternative, new wave, progressive) from the 60's, 70's, 80's, played at moderate volumes:-) Also Jazz, Classical and a varied assortment of other stuff. My music collection consists of 600+ LPs and about 200 CDs.


Preamp: Nakamichi CA 5 (Basic preamp with nice phono section)
Amp: GamuT D100
Speakers: Newform Research Module 30's (Sweet, airy)
Sub: Pinnacle Baby Boomer in parallel w/speakers(Fast and musical for it's price range)
CD Player: Music Hall CD25
Turntable: Linn LP12 with Ittok LVII/AT OC9
IC's: Mapleshade Ultrathin for amp & CD player
Speaker wire: Plain old 14 gauge OFC with Banana Plugs

I have listed below some of preamps I am considering. Please comment as to sonic character of each. If a balanced preamp is the choice, suggest some "starter" XLR cables. Feel free to suggest other preamps to consider.

Single Ended w/phono:

Odyssey Tempest
Quad 99

Single Ended w/o phono:

Marsh P2000t
Edge Si-1 M

Balanced I/O w/phono:

Classe CP 50
Jeff Rowland Consumate(used '94)

Balanced I/O w/o phono:

Adcom GFP 750
Classe CP 60
GamuT C2R
Marsh P2000b

Thanks in advance to the great group of audiogoners!
The gamut is a very good amp and you may want to consider mating it with something special like the Hovland hp 100 when one comes available.
I just bought Hovland HP100 preamp with MM/MC and actually was looking into Gamut D100 MKII. My main concern is that Hovland does not have balanced output and whether this will compromise sound quality compared to using preamp with balanced output.
I am very pleased with Gamut C 2 R regarding its sound reproduction compared to real music experienced in the concert hall, the original riaa circuit also taken into account.
I've got a Marsh P2000b and find it to be transparent to things that change around it, so it should allow the benefits of the GamuT to shine through. It has a very refined sound without sacrificing air, space, and detail. I've heard people having problems with the P2000t, so I'd stay away from that.

I also think the GFP750 is a good choice and probably a great value used, but I had it in my system a looong time ago when my components were very different, so I can't really compare. Best of luck.
I think your Gamut might deserve a little more investment on the pre front; that is a mighty fine amplifier.
I'm in the same path, looking for a pre for my Gamut D200.
Any ideas? Thank you!
For starter cables, I would look at the SignalCable Analog 2 Balanced -- $59 with neutrik connectors.
I will go for tubes, maybe a used ModWright or Herron.
The GamuT amps are on the lean side and a bit bright.
I had a Classe CP65 with my D200, it may also work depending on the speakers... mine were Talon Raven C : the D200 had not enough power for them.
Wow, I hadn't thought about this thread for awhile. I ended up with a Gamut C2R with phono board. A pretty nice step up from the CA 5. Now getting thoughts of a tube preamp, just to try the tube flavor.
I own a Gamut D200 Mk.II for a couple of years.
Trust me on this one - Juicy Music Audio Peach linestage - $1495 new. Tremendous match for the Gamut using its Low Impedance output setting. You will lose none of the beautiful transparency of the Gamut and will gain all of the tube magic- dimensionality, spaciousness, sweetness, etc.
Bested Shindo Aurieges (probably an impedance mismatch), Manley Shrimp, Modwright SWL 9.0 and a couple of other linestages.
I must also say the new Peach preamp is the best tube pre I have ever owned, great design, great parts, no noise, great support from Mark a one man show!!! This preamp can crank up without any strain, when I first got it I brought it over to friend's house and hooked it up to his system!!! High end system Aerial 10t, Wadia 6 front end and mono blocks Hafler DH200 SS amps modded by Musical Concepts. His mouth hit the ground when we put the Peach in the mix, now he own's one too!!!!! It's also one of the fastest selling preamps on Audiogon, one or two day's and there gone. You will love it!!!!