preamp suggetions for mid lvl system

I didn't see my earlier post up, so here goes.

Any suggestions on which SS preamp to pair with a B&K ST-2140. I need two sets of outputs so narrowed it down to

Parasound Halo P3
NAD C162
Rotel RC-1090

wanted to go tube but concerned about reliabilty and service options in India
I bought a Rotel RC 995 Pre-amp recently and it is very musical and well constructed. Highly recommended. I tried a B&K PT 3/II in my system and it was not nearly as musical compared to the Rotel RC-960 which I was using at the time. The RC-955 is way better than the RC-960. Haven't heard the NAD but should work as well but would not cosmetically (Gray) match your B&K. Good Luck!
heard that the rotels are a little bright. Was that true of the B&K also. Need to tone down my highs a bit. Gets a little irritating at higher volumes. Heard that the NAD was smoother. No idea what the parasound sounds like, but it does have some good reviews.

but thanks for the input
I've owned the parasound, but not the others. I loved it. Only sold it because there is so much out there to try. If I found a good price on one, I'd probably jump on it again.
what are u using now.
Find a good deal on a Classe CP50. Amazing preamp and I have had many. Check my "system" link for lots more info. The CP50 is never bright and is very very refined. Cost $3300 new but you can get them for around $800 now. High level performance at mid level price.
Keroo, check out a used bryston pre. They would be nice, neutral and reliable. I'm using an Odyssey Tempest Extreme that I'm happy with. i'm not sure that it would be easy to locate in India. Bryston would most likely be easier to find.
The Rotel RC-955 is a very refined pre-amp. Not at all bright sounding. Musical best sums it up. I like this pre-amp better than the Bryston BP-25 which I owned previously. Plus, the Rotel has a superb phono section. For what these pre-amps are going for used, a steal. The Classe suggestion by Aball sounds good as well. Haven't heard the NAD C-162, I'm sure it's a fine unit as well. The B&K was too dark sounding IMO and it did not sonically impress me at all. Perhaps in another system w/different comonents......Bill.
many thanks for all the suggestions. But it seems that once you get to a certain 'level' in your music system the only way to 'flavour' the sound to your liking is to keep swapping units. (unless you spend obscene amounts of money I guess)

Would like to know how long one lets a 'new' piece burn in with the old system before deciding its better or worse
Might you consider a used Primaluna preamp? Tubes would smooth out most or any fatigue. Plunas are fairly new and are still in good condition.
I say go with tubes, the Plunas are well built, good match with solid state and deecent price used.
Good luck.
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read a lot of good reviews about it, but I need two outputs. I dont think the PL one or two has two outputs.
I overlooked the 2 output aspect. However, a Pluna preamp just got posted on Adgon. You might inquire, but you are probably correct (just one output).
Oregon, I would love to get one but that would mean changing my speakers. I have separate units for the mid/highs and dedicated passive subs for the lows. Hence two outputs to two amps. I wonder if its possible to use one of the tape outs of the Pluna and feed it to an integrated amp that will run the subs. I dont know how one more unit in the chain will affect the sound. Anyone tried it?