Preamp suggestions, upgrading from Classe 5

It's time to upgrade and am looking for any suggestions to meet some criteria.

I need a new preamp wich will replace my Classe 5 (owned it for years...excellent piece) I am a bit interested in tubes provided it can drive my Classe 15 amp. Phono would be nice but not necessary. Balanced desgin with XLR ins and outs is also a bonus but not necessary. Also, there has to be a remote.

If anyone has gone down this path from a Classe 5 (or 6) please let me know about your findings.

Audio Research is tempting as I have been told it is an excellent source for Proac's.

I know of an LS 7 for sale (I know, no remote but...) but am not sure that this would be a substantial step up.

Many thanx
For ARC, I would also seriously look at a used LS 3. I have had one in my reference rig now for 7 years.
Thanx for your input but I didn't think that the LS-3 was remote controled. Also I should have mentioned but didn't that I was leaning towards tubes.
You may consider a newer Classe preamp like the CP-60
I use two Classe 25 amps with a CP-60 and It's very nice! The Classe amps and preamps work great together. There is a CP-60 here on Agon for $1500 Happy Listening!
I use the Classé 5L for many years too. It´s excellent.
No Levinson, Audio Research, Krell or Sonic Frontiers have the Classé dinamic.
If you like Classé sound and if you really want to upgrade your Classé 5, go to other Classé.
I think that the CP-60 could be a good option.
Although, I still prefer the analog volumen control than digital.
Good luck.