Preamp suggestions needed

I am trying to decide on a preamp to go with my Conrad Johnson MF-2200 amp. I also have an Adcom 3 channel pre/pro/amp to run center and rears fot HT. If I understand correctly, I need a preamp with a processor loop, which is what I now have(Adcom GTP-450). I have been so impressed with CJ amp that I would like to have the CJ PFR pre mainly because it is set up with a video loop. However I don't know if I can afford it. Have also considered the Adcom GFP-750. A used one is more in my price range and also has a processor loop. What are some other alternatives for under $1000.00. Would also like a phono stage if possible. Though I don't have a real high end turntable it might be fun to listen to some of those RCA "Living Stereo" albums through a great amp and preamp. As always your advice is appreciated.
One more question: If I get rid of the 3 channel pre/pro/amp and get a 5 ch HT receiver how can I arrange it so I can use my main speakers for the fronts and for stereo also? Is that done through a speaker selector or do I still need a processor loop and just run 3 ch of the receiver for center and rears? Thanks again
There is a PFR on auction on this site. Ends in 5 days. I would think the winning bid will be in the range of $1000 to $1300. Does a tape loop the same as a processor loop? A lot of preamps have two tape loops which may be enough. I have two CJ Motif MC-8 that have phono and two tape loops.
The Adcom is a good was designed by Nelson Pass. Another option may be the Norh preamp ( It looks good on paper, but I've never heard one. It has the video pass and a MM phono section, and it costs less than $1000 (including shipping). You may want to ask the people at to see what some owners think (and you might want to make sure that it's compatible with the CJ amp). They're supposedly very transparent and well-built preamps.
Thanks Sugarbrie for the info on the PFR on auction. I have seen it and will probably bid on it after I pass it thru my Board of Administration (wife). She may just go for it since she likes the CJ amp as much or more than I do. I'm not sure of the difference between a tape and processor loop. Manual says I can use either but proc loop is preferred.
Thanks Phild for the info. I'll check out the Norh
if ewe hook up a h-t surround-processor/receiver to a tape-loop & have the processor/receiver drive only the surround speakers, yule have to use the preamps' wolume control for the 2 main speakers, & the processors' wolume control for the surrounds. if ewe have a dedicated processor loop, it will allow the processor to control the wolume of the two main speakers, even tho they're plugged into the amp(s) hooked up directly to the main audio preamp, not the processor. and, your processor/receiver will have to have a tape input to receive signal from the tape out of the audio preamp.
If you like your CJ amp, I would get a CJ Preamp. That is really what they are famous for anyway. Some of their tube preamps are among the best commercially available, in my opinion. I like the Premier 3, Premier 10, pv-5 and pv-6.Older units, but better (and cheaper) than what they produce today. If you muct have solid state, check out spectral, if you can afford it. Cat SL1 is nice, too.Audioresearch is good (sp-6b), but a bit tubby and overblown in the bass . BTW, a tube pre with ss amp(s) is a great way to go if you cant afford to change power tubes. Finally, more expensive is rarely linearly correlated with better. keep that in mind.good luck
Thanks Phild for the info. I'll check out the Norh
Timvis, I've considered a tube preamp but have seen none with a processor loop. If Sedond is right, hooking it thru a tape loop may be a hassle but still worth considering. Thanks to both of you for the info.
artemus, the sonic-frontiers pre's, the arc pre's, the vtl pre's have processor loops, dunno what others do, but surely they're out there....

i'd recommend a melos sha-gold/maestro for a toobed pre for ~$1k used, but no processor loop or fono-stage. yule have to control the wolumes separately for h-t, & yule need an outboard fono-stage, but it'll be worth it for sonics at that price-point, imho. the melos does have remote for wolume/balance...

good luck, doug s.

Go for the CJ PFR dude. I speak from experience as I purchased one used on Audiogon some months ago for $1150. If you can't get the one on auction, be patient; it IS worth the wait for another to appear. I am running mine with an Ayre V-3 solid-state amp with very MUSICAL results!
Looks like a good one to me.