preamp suggestions - help :

currently, i have b&w n 804's with the rotel rb1080 - any thoughts on a good preamp? i'm not too concerned with the cd transport - i've considered a few things including the benchmark dac, etc but i'm really having a tough time with which preamp i should look into. i'm open to including a tube somewhere in the chain but i've heard the 804's do really well with SS... -i'm really at a loss here. any input would be hugely appreciated! :)
First Sound Deluxe or RDP-1 {if using digital only}.
I would also recommend looking into First Sound - Presence Deluxe.
and I would recommend to have a look at bvaudio p10 preamp
any input on a bryston vs. conrad-johnson? the bf is really pushing for a bryston and i'm in the conrad-johnson camp. i'd really like to add a tube to the chain but i'm slightly concerned with the 'warmth' or 'coloring' factor. and yes, it'll be for digital only. i haven't even thought about going into vinyl. ..not yet, anyway :)
What price range are you looking in? That will allow us to make some good recommendations. As well- what amplifier are you using the *new* preamp with, and what speakers will you be driving?

Many people use a good tube preamp in conjunction with a solid state or digital amp to great effects.
Please ignore my last response, as I just noticed your amp and speakers after I hit post. I would personally lean toward a tube preamp. Some may feel the Bryston and Rotel would be a bit too "solid state" sounding. A decent tube preamp in the chain would most likely add some naturalness and a bit of warmth. What price range are you looking to stay around?
I think u need to consider your source also. I own a perpetual technology dac that uses 24 bit upsampling. And i also own a Bryston bp25 preamp. If you are considering a source with and upsampling feature than go solid state. My bryston preamp with this dac is simply amazing. If you are going to use a 16 bit source with oversampling than go tube in your preamp. The bryston preamp has pinpoint stereo imaging with really nice rythym and pace. If you audition this pre than make sure u try the 10k ohm tape monitor input. It is the nices input on the model.
i'm looking at about $1500-$2000, new or used

i was looking at the bryston bp25da actually - i don't know which c-j yet. i'm going to try to audition a few next weekend..