Preamp suggestions for Rogue M150

I am interested in preamps for Rogue M150. I am currently running a camelot Uther IV directly into amps. The Camelot has balanced outputs and the M150's has balanced inputs so I have a preference for a balanced preamp but it is not mandatory. Any experience fellow M-150 owners have with preamps is appreciated.
If I were you I would take a serious look and listen to the synergy of a Rogue preamp to go with your fine M-150 amp.
I use the Magnum 99 line only with my M-150's and Zeus.
99 magnum.If you are into vinyl,keep what you have for a phono stage.
I'd buy the line-stage only.
It takes 4 6SN7's but only 2 of the tube positions are critical.You can get away with buying only 2 killer 6SN7's.
The 99 magnum is a good choice.
Am using the Manley Shrimp with my 150's. I think it's a great combination, plus the Shrimp is very well built, and VERY quiet. Both Rogue and Manley offer world-class support and service.