Preamp suggestions for Pass Labs XA100.5

Could I solicit opinions on preamplifiers that mate well with Pass Labs XA100.5 monoblocks. I would like to use balanced connection. I know that Pass labs preamplifiers are a safe bet but I am open to other brands that may offer terrific synergy with the Pass Labs Class A amps. Would appreciate opinions from anyone with personal experience with the pairing.
Thank you!
I have those amps. I found them to have great synergy with my CJ tube preamps, specifically their ART and ACT 2,2 tube pres.

You mentioned you would "like to use balanced"....neither of those CJ's have balanced outs. I have used a true/fully balanced/input to output pre and the CJ's sound better. fwiw, the rca ic's I'm using are 15' long.
I use an Atma-Sphere MP1 with XA60.5 and it works great. Very quiet and dynamic. IMO one of the best preamps available. The phono is very good if your cartridge has a reasonably high output, otherwise you may need a step up transformer to keep noise at an acceptable level. I ended up using a Boulder 1008 phono for my 2 lomc, and the Atma Sphere with my mono cartridge that has around a .9 mv output. Ala in all, highly recommended.
I've never been too impressed with Pass preamps. I've owned both their amps and preamps, and like the amps much better. I would look at: Ayre, BAT, Aesthetix and maybe Audio Research.
Mark levinson 326s could be considered.
Thank you for all the responses--much appreciated.
To Onemug
I have been tempted to buy a Conrad johnson preamp. I know CJ preamps are supposed to be more tube like in their sound comapred to Audio Research. I wonder if a cheaper preamp in their line such as ET3 or ET3SE would be a good match. I guess it might be a toss up between Conrad Johnson & Audio Research (LS27).
I'd check out the VAC Renaissance pre amp for sale on this site. I think it is a Mk1, so price should be lower than the $4500 asked. This a a superb pre amp with an excellent phono stage thrown in.
I have a Pass Labs XA30.5 mated with a Bruce Moore Audio Companion III tubed linestage preamplifier. It's a great match in that the Companion III get's out of the way of the XA30.5 while adding that bit of dimensionality that a good tubed linestage cn offer. I previously had a First Watt F5 paired with a Bruce Moore Audio Companion IIe tubed preamplifier with excellent results. To me the Pass Labs XA30.5/Buce Moore Companion III pairing is a big step up.

I haven't heard the ET3's but would venture a guess that there would be nice synergy. Many nice things have been said about them. Another CJ pre that I bet would be nice is their earlier Premiere 16's, often called the "mini ART".