Preamp suggestions for Classe cap 150 under 1000

Putting together system from stuff I didn't have the heart to sell.LSA statement speakers,Exemplar tube cd,Modright modded Monolithic Sound pre and phono amp and linn table,a lot of silver wire,not bright very smooth.The amp section of this integrated is nice pre amp is is muddy.I'm a tube fan so tubes would be nice,I have plenty of old 6922 type,12ax7,12au7,6sn7.Havent used solid state pre in a long time but open to suggestions.never used passive or know anything about it but will if it works,I run no more than a meter in cables,can you get anything for under 1000 or less used,thanks
You can't get much!!
Try and find a used Adcom GFP-750.
If I wanted a tube pre I'd build a Bottlehead project.
If I wanted solid state I get a used Bel Canto Pre3. Solid operation, volume goes up and down with zero sonic signature.
Check out the Quicksilver Audio linstage preamp. It is $995.00
new. It is a true bargain, I have the older model and originally
had it mated with a Classe model 15 amp. You can't go wrong
with Quicksilver, the stuff is outstanding ! BTW,there is one
listed here now. It is the older model and the asking price is
$800.00.A used one should go for between $500 and $600 at
the most.
"If I wanted solid state I get a used Bel Canto Pre3. Solid operation, volume goes up and down with zero sonic signature."

That's what they all say. lol.
Quite frankly, your desire to have a preamp that sounds less "muddy" than the CAP150, uses tubes, and costs less than $1000 might be one of those situations where you can "pick 2 of those 3 things".

Aside from the Quicksilver mentioned above, there are very few tube preamps that might not sound "muddy" to you relative to the Classe. A Marsh P2000t might work for you at around $600 used. (It was a steal even for its list price, IMHO.)

You might actually do better with solid state in that price range, such as a Classe DR5 or Musical Fidelity A3cr.

Better yet, though, you might be best off selling the integrated and getting a different integrated amp. Maybe a used Electrocompaniet or Plinius, for example.

That's probably what I would do with my money, as I feel it would be the best bang for the buck upgrade towards your stated goal.

Not a suggestion, but I used to have a system with a Classe-CAP 151 and an Exemplar-Denon 2900. I really loved both of those pieces.
My problem were the tubes in cd player forgot they were old and worn out,its been sitting up so long.New tubes came in yesterday(amprex)not veiled or muddy like before.Should have tried another source before assuming it was the amp.I still would like to add a Preamp.Anyone ever hear Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid preamp,I could build one for $500.I would buy used Quicksilver but $800 seems high for a used $1000 retail preamp.
My (10 y/o) exemplar totally killed an Oppo 105 a few years back, really a great player. Glad to hear you resurrected it.
Amp came back to life after running 24/7 for 3 1/2 days no need for pre amp.Integrated was too tranparent and hi fi sounding after putting in tubes in cd player.Been so long since I ran a solid state amp. my mccormack dna rev a took 3 to 5 days to sound right and ran it 24/7 365,forgot all about that.