Preamp suggestions for a McCormack DNA-125?

HI. Any preamp suggestions for a McCormack DNA-125? I just picked one up to try out. My speakers are Soliloquy 6.3's, and I listen mostly to jazz and classical, as well as some electronic music (mostly downtempo and ambient, some trance). I am looking for something with nice detail yet with some "meat on the bones".

Some preamps that I was considering were various models from ARC, the Joule LA-100, Wright preamp, C-J PFR or Premier 10. My budget is approximately $900. Tubes or SS would be okay. Thanks for the suggestions!

I had the DNA-125 paired with an Audible Illusions L-1, nice combo. The added feature of having adjustable gain on the pre was nice. $500 or $600 used.

I also demo'd the Eastern Electric Minimax with my McCormack, an excellent pre which is probably more in line with the requirement "nice detail yet with meat on the bones".

Brand new it is around your price.

I had great success pairing my McCormack DNA 0.5 with an ARC LS-7 (then when $ were available, upgraded to a Supratek Syrah).
RE "Just picked one up to try out": No matter what the pre, I've found it's important to leave this amp continuously powered-on for best sound, so I recommend giving at least 48 hours warm-up before passing final judgement or when auditioning complementary gear.
The McCormack's work really well with both passive and tubed preamps... though the flavor is different with each.

Very clean with the passive, but lacking that bit of dynamics that an active stage brings to the table.

Tubed units are a mixed bag. Sometimes you can find one that is transparent, and then get some tube bloom for enhanced soundstaging. Other times you will be sadly disappointed that they just can't compare in terms of clarity to a passive pre. But the dynamics should be better and the soundstaging and tonality more "tube-like".

No perfect answer, unless you come across a really transparent tube line stage. I've been using an Audio Prism Mantissa for many years and it is very transparent but also very hard to find used (you may find it as a Red Rose, since ML bought Audio Prism's electronics group to form Red Rose).

I suggest you try a Conrad-Johnson PV-10B with Phono stage. You can find them right here on Audiogon, and within the price range you are looking for. The 10B is a very nice sounding tube pre-amp that is built to very high standards of quality. I owned one prior to my purchase/upgrade to a C-J Primier 17LS.
I used to own a PV-10A and was dissapointed with the lack of detail and frequency extension-the midrange was nice however. I was missing alot of the detail in the music though....
I have a Tube Audio Design 150 matched with a McCormack DNA-1. oNice and smooth. You can get it new for 699 from Bizzy Bee audio.

Gotta tell you that, at your price range and considering a mating with the 125, I like Quincy's suggestion of the PV-10B very much. There are other better choices, but not many better for that money. I heard a Golden Tube SEP-2 or SEP-3, I can't remember which with a DNA-225 once and it was very nice, indeed. Rarely see tham though. Matty's advice of an AI is a sound one, but tube choice is crucial, at least in my experience.

If looking SS, try mating a McCormack to the McCormack, or maybe a Klyne, which is a good match, too.

Be carfeul if you go the passive route. I tried a Bent and while it is absolutely stellar in other applications, I did not find it dynamic enough with my McCormack. Placette is a different story - fabulous with the Mc. Choice of cables is still critical though. Both, however, are beyond your price range.