Preamp suggestions for a Forte 4A & CEC TL5100Z?

Looking for tube or solid state, active or passive under $600 Thanks!
I own a Forte 4a and currently use an Adcom 750 pre.
The best sound I had was with a Counterpoint 2000 tube/ss preamp. It broke a lot but had an exquisite sound.
I would buy an Audio Research pre if I wanted to try a tube pre again...
be patient and locate a forte pre. your 4a will sound even better.
The Forte'Model 2 is a fabulous preamp and can be found from time to time on Audiogon for around $300. See reviews on Audiogon for more details. I also really liked the Classe' Dr-5. There is one for sale on Audiogon for $550 right now. The Dr-5 is a full-function preamp that really exudes sophistication and solidity and is a really solid performer. I only sold mine last year to upgrade to the much more expensive ARC LS16 MkII.
Have one of those belt drives (Parasound version) modded by Danny boy, a Forte 4a and a Channel Islands passive pre. It is followed by a Marchand X9 Deluxe x-over (modded by Danny Boy, too!). Awesome combo, for real...