Preamp Suggestions

I am new to higher or mid end equipment. I love my music and would like to get more out of it. I am also a student and of limited funds. If any one has experience with this equip and can help me please share your knowledge. I listen to rock, folk, jazz and am more and more listening to classical. I feel my Dyn audience 50's, NAD c370 sound great with my homemade speaker stands but are lacking an emotional quality. I have a Dual 1219 turntable w/ a Shure V15 II and NAD PP-II phono stage. Main Question is I am looking at purchasing an ADCOM GFP-565 Pre-Amplifier for $300. Does anyone have experience with this piece? or have recommendations. It seems to have good reviews and a good phono stage. Will be adding a DAC and Thorens TD 150 MKII later. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Oh many digital files through computer hence DAC to be added. Is this Pre-amp recomendable and will it help give the music more emotion with out to much taken from the signal path. thsnks
I vote yes for the adcom, a definate step up in the phono section, I auditioned a pair of speakers with that preamp.
I think I would simply replace the NAD prono preamp with something better, perhaps a Gram Slee Gram Amp2 SE or something similar. I don't think the Adcom will be a step up from your current NAD C370 in most areas of performance...

Thank you both. I am also trying to get a more emotion out of the music, but without flavoring it to much. It is great now but a bit clinical. Would prefer to go solid state and did not know if this pre could help. Or any other suggestions. Thank you all.
I disagree, the NAD phono is the same level as the the one you could get from Radio Shack back in the day, I have had the PP1 and the Adcom GFP 555.
I agree with Rlwainwright-I would keep the NAD for now-which is a very good performer btw. IMO, NAD will sound better than the adcom. Your idea of upgrading the source and/or the phono stage is a good idea. I think you will get the most bang for your buck by upgrading your source. I would also look for used gear to save money. Your speakers are very nice, but can be a tad lean-perhaps a sub to get the bass pumping-that always helps to create more emotion in music and a lack of bass can seem a bit clinical at times?
Tbromgard thank's for your suggestion. I looked into the Dynaudio sub 250 as they are supposedly a match with these speakers tho their review was not all that good. Any Ideas there? Not married to Dynaudio but not looking to change my speakers. On the preamp I am trying to stay with NAD amplifier but the preamp section hasno phono stage.
I have a martin logan sub I like-got it on a-gon for $350 or so. Its very fast and adjustable. Great with music, not so great on movies but I dont use it for movies. If you buy used you can always sell it fo about the same money.
I would see if you are getting the "emotion" via another source i.e: the DAC or cd/ computer playback before replacing the turntable. There are several sets of variables involved in that source- cart, the tt itself, the phono pre... Substituting with a completely different source -cd, computer audio whatever may give you an idea whether the amp/speaker combo is going to do it for you. After that, perhaps change the phono pre. Lot's of people really like the Dual/ Shure combination for a reason. I could never get the NAD to sound great with my Dynaudio (Special One-they are older Dyne's ) . I DID use the NAD pre out into a McIntosh 2100 power amp to extremely good effect with the Dynaudio.
are you interested in trying tubes?
Just looking at a value standpoint and the Era(80's & 90's) of the Adcom pre that you are looking at... The entry level quality audiophile companies at that time were PS AUDIO, Adcom, B&K, Sumo, Parasound, Hafler...
Of these companies, in Pre's only,
PS AUDIO... 4.6, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 (had a 4.6 and 6.2)
Sumo Athena
B&K Pro 10MC - others that had model 10's or Sonata was best
Parasound PLD-1100 (did not own)
Adcom GFP565 II (had 555)
Hafler 915..IRIS (I had a 110)
I have owned most of these, for me, the Sumo and the B&K stood heads & heals above the others. After that, I'd take the Parasound, then the Adcom, then the Hafler.
Its only an opinion, but its the only one I've got.
Ths364: did you feel that it was the NAD's amp section that was the limiting factor with your Dyn's? I read that while both the preamp and amp sections were good on their own you could do worse than separate them out. Also my concerns with the c370's pre is the lack phono stage and adding to many links in the chain.
Relf: I would consider a tube in the future but for now I'm afraid it might color from the original to much? I am trying to learn the why's of all this a long the way and don't want to get ahead of myself and not be able to back track. Also the price of tube amps I think is to steep for my student pockets right now.
Thank you all, I' listening.
Also this is a 2 maybe 2.1 in near future if it helps with range, music only system. So any vid in/outs are unnecessary and I'm guessing only a price booster. Phono is important.
Themgs14 I was think of a tube buffer or even a tube pre amp;there are some in your price range that are worth considering;they might give you that emotional feeling that you are searching for.
I agree with you Rleff but the price for a decent used tube pre amp exceed his budget. I was going to ask a little more about the emotion he thinks is missing.
OP have you considered selling your current amp and putting ehough money away to buy a modest used tube integrated. I must tell you tubes are magical things. Tubes are worth the price of adimission.
I owned a GFP-565 and vinyl sounded very decent. But CDs can sound harsh and grainy. After a few months of listening fatigue, I moved up to a tube pre and it was a great improvement.
Since u will be using a DAC and digital files, I would not recommend the adcom.
For $300 I would simply buy a superior dedicated phono preamp...For the record...I used to own the Adcom 565...although i didnt utilize the phono stage at the time...the preamp was a good performer...a touch on the clinical side....but hey....nothings perfect....
I am not familiar with tube buffers? Anyone recommend a tube preamp in conjunction with the NAD or just go all tube. I do like the NAD so maybe a separate tube Pre? And any recommendations remembering price is a large concern. Remember I'm new to this and the learning and gradual step ups and knowing why are important to me. Is an integrated DAC w/ phono something I should keep an eye out for in the future? I know I can't compare a recording with a live performance but the emotion I'm talking about is the tones and inflection in many of the artists I've known to record that way, but while my set up seems to be exacting, also seems to be missing much of that. With the tube I'm just afraid I'd just be creating that rather than reproducing it (letting the recording come through). Sorry for the long winded posts. All your replies are appreciated.
Themgs14 do you have any dealers near you so you could hear what tubes can do;have you heard any particular piece of equipment that you like?
Rleff: I am searching for some boutique stores, all the Myer Emco's in my area have closed. And most people seem satisfied with Best Buy, but I am on the hunt and I know I'll find one. I am in the D.C. area so if anyone's got a leed please do tell.
the NAD is a good amp...for the money...the project tube phono preamp would treat you just fine...and is within reach with your budget...however...their standard dual mono phono preamp is darn good for the money...and roughly half as the tube model...
If I understood you right, you were looking for a $300 preamp correct? If that is the case, a tube buffer will certainly add some bloom to your NAD, but will not fix the problem of emotion, detail. I highly recommend that you take a look at my earlier recommendations. The Sumo Athena is an absolute steal at $300 and they can be purchased at this price and it includes a phono section noticeably better than your NAD PP2. Or did I miss somewhere on the budget amount?
Themgs14 check out the CONRAD JOHNSON PV10AL Tube Preamp it is near your price range;might be worth investigating.
Thanks to all, still considering all options. Any thoughts on a re-cap for the NAD? Read about some sound improvements, is this a serious consideration or hocus pocus? Maybe to brighten the sound as the NAD/ Dynaudio combo is a little dark but very enjoyable to me.
I would try out your existing electronics with another pair of speakers before deciding. Something with good dynamics like a used pair of Klipsch Heresy. Maybe the emotion you are missing is really dynamics, impact and freedom from compression.
What did you end up doing?
Did you get the Adcom 565?